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We respect your email privacy is here to support Highly Intuitive and Sensitive Individuals who are ready to live a purposeful, anxiety-free life as their authentic selves.

Whether your intuition shows up as a gut feeling or a dream that is as real as your waking life, it is part of you. Whether your sensitivity allows you to know what someone is feeling or has you compassionately taking on what another feels as if it were your own, this affects your life.

Often this intuitive-sensitive side can seem to set you apart from others, even your family members. Hiding who you are, pushing it away, or living in judgment of others can create an even deeper divide by covering over the gift that is you.

Many have found that an underlying anxiety can result from denying who you are. That unease can be a message coming to you from deep within. It’s not-so- subtle “voice” may be calling you to create your own normal, to be your most authentic self.

Stepping out of old patterns can be daunting.

You are not alone!

Here you will find “tools” and group support to:

See yourself clearly

Release what no longer serves you

Embrace and empower what is you

Live purposefully as your authentic self

Our mission at is to be spiritual guides and healing facilitators for you, helping you reveal your  unique magnificence--your own true normal.

Assess how Sensitive-Intuitive you are
March is Color Therapy Month! Join us for great experiences and information.



We offer alternative, hand-picked products and services for personal development that are simple to understand, easy to use, and effective. 

Choose from Color Therapy, Training to be a Color Therapist, Music Therapy, Spiritual Art, Guided Meditation, Alternative Health Products, Alternative Healing Methods, & More. 

Learn how intuition, divination, mandala art, color healing, and inner guidance can expand your understanding, allowing you to embrace your true nature & magnificent self.

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