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Course: Basic Color Course  1 CD

Course: Basic Color Course 1 CD

Course: Basic Color Course  1 CD
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Basic Online Color Course:  How to De-stress Through the Power of Color
This course is for everyone and it is also a pre-requisite for the Level 1 Training and Certification Program

Are you fascinated with color?  Do you wonder if it makes a difference what colors you wear or what color food you eat?  All of this and more is yours through this fun, informative, and transformative course.

You can now use your computer as your classroom as you settle back with a cup of tea.

This course is packed with information, experience, and opportunity to release what has been holding you back in your life. It is made up of six modules which include the manual and videos.

Color is such a simple, everyday way to lift your spirit.

Some of what people have reported to us after using the techniques are:

  • Everyday aches and pains disappear
  • Repeating unwanted thoughts no longer have a hold on you
  • What others say and do doesn’t trigger old emotions
  • New job opportunities come along because you’re more open to them
  • You feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted
  • Better relationships.
  • Teaching their children the techniques has increased their focus and allowed them to be calm.

This is a beginning course for everyone! 

Learn simple tools to...

  • Live fully.
  • Cultivate peace-of-mind.
  • Follow your deepest desires.
  • Dissolve stress, tension or anxiety
This course includes:
  1. Six learning modules with information and ways to apply what you learn through questions and breathing exercises. This leads to major shifts in your energy field.‚Äč
  2. Videos that give you additional information
  3. E-mail support. You send in the answers to your questions and we provide encouragement. We also answer any questions that arise.
  4. During the course, you have access to individual sessions with founder Arlene Arnold at a reduced price.

The price is $197 plus shipping. Sign up below.

Still want to know more? Check Out the Introductory Video that explains how and why color works. 

We are here to answer your questions as you go along. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
color therapy for a cold virusI just wanted to take a moment to let you know what occurred after I took your advice concerning the use of color for helping my healing process along when I had a horrible cold. I have never had such a terrible cold. I called you and you suggested that I visualize the colors purple and yellow in the area affected by the virus. Within 25 minutes I had enough of an appetite that I put my shoes on and went to the store to get myself something to eat. It was the first time since the onset of the cold that I was actually hungry.

It still took a few days to completely rid myself of the cold but the color therapy was definitely a turning point in the healing process. Thank you again for your help.
Written by Diane U on Wed 7 Jan 2015 6:56:02 PM GMT
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