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Course: Level 2 Basic Color Course

Course: Level 2 Basic Color Course

Course: Level 2 Basic Color Course
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Basic Color Course 2 follows once you have completed Basic Color Course 1. Follow-up Basic Color Course 1, Male/Female Course, Crystaline Colors Course.  This has been determined afte offering this course a few times.  It takes you into a very deep place of change.  The courses before it prepare you for what is offered here.
Here is just a taste of what you will explore . . .
Do you carry a burden for others because you care so much?  Magenta shows you a new kind of compassion.
Are you being guided into a leadership position, whether it be in your family, community, business, or healing modality?  Lime Green focuses on leading from a balance of heart and mind.
Have you uncovered information and wisdom within yourself that doesn't come from experiences you have had in this life?  Indigo opens the flood gates of psychic gifts, wisdom, and knowledge that comes from all your many lifetimes of experience.
Are you noticing that you are better able to hold new patterns in relationships and chaotic situations?  Saffron Gold shows you how to stay balanced by knowing how to draw on your human abilities while following a deeper calling.
Are you clear about your purpose in this life?  Has it been activated?  Red-Orange brings a deeper understanding of what you came to offer in this life time. 
Turquoise integrates that soul work as an expression from the heart.
For this course, you will

·         Follow the manual
·         Listen to a recorded version of the manual
·         Use the meditations many times
·         E-mail your facilitators with questions
          Meet with other participants on weekly phone conferencing.
Products you will receive with the course are:

Manual Download
Recorded Version of the Manual as a Download
Download of the meditations
6 Colored Bags

You can also choose to pay over six months without interest through Paypal Credit.

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