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ColorCard Set plus Mini ColorCards

ColorCard Set plus Mini ColorCards

ColorCard Set plus Mini ColorCards
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Use the ColorCard Book & Card Set along with the Mini ColorCards for layouts that help you go deep. After you buy the set, sign up for Arlene's free audio that takes you step by step through how to use the ColorCards.  Sign Up

The ColorCard Book contains chapters on all 16 cards in the deck. Each chapter tells about that color's Strength, Lesson, and Purpose. The lesson also offers a Healing Exercise to work on the Lesson. As you do the layouts you understand more fully why a situation has come into your life. You are able to fully embrace your Strengths as well as focus on what you are learning from the situation. You may also look at what your soul wants to experience in this lifetime. That is what we call Life Purpose. You see what Strengths you have developed toward that Purpose and what lessons you are learning in order to fully step into that Purpose. You will also gain a feel for the general direction of your Life Purpose.

The Mini ColorCards offer you immediate feedback. You can quickly look at why you are feeling a certain way or why a situation has come up. Remember, change comes when the vibration changes. If you move from frustration, anger, or fear into new information and a new focus, you have changed the vibration. There is a much better chance you will be able to handle a situation once your vibration has changed.

The cards in the Mini set are the same colors as what is found in the Book & Card Set so you can also use the book with the Mini ColorCards. Here you have the best of both worlds. Catch yourself quickly and shift or take some time to go deeper to see what is at the core of an issue. Above all, have some fun with the process!

After you purchase this set, check your e-mail for an audio explaining how to use them.
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Two in One Book can be used with both cards from the set and the Mini ColorCards
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Clarity with ColorCardsI have been using the colorcards to bring clarity to my day. I am amazed at how much the colors seem to fit with what I am feeling, and what is going on with me. The key for me is to really take in what is being said even if it doesn't feel like it fits with what I think. In exploring what is being presented through the colors, I open myself to a greater understanding of what my struggles and strengths are. Written by Trisha on Tue 10 Feb 2015 2:48:34 PM GMT
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