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Course: Level 1 Color Therapy Training & Certification

Course: Level 1 Color Therapy Training & Certification

Course: Level 1 Color Therapy Training & Certification
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Complementary Color Therapy Training and Certification
Level 1

Through this training you will learn 3 protocols using complementary colors that shift energy that has been stuck as emotions, beliefs, and life patterns.  Two of these can been done in person or by phone and the third is on a massage table.  Plus you will receive training to set up your own business.
If you are looking for a simple, effective way to help yourself and others remove energy blockages that keep people stuck, this is the modality for you!
Those who have come to us for training have always been drawn to color.  Often they are already practitioners in another healing modality, although that is not necessary for this training.  They are serious about opening themselves and others to a more fulfilling, joyful life.

"Complementary Color Therapy Training has been a valuable and effective tool that supports me to maintain a calm and balanced perspective in my life and work. CCT has enabled me to shift old energy patterns and fears that have affected me for many years and I plan to continue using it personally and professionally."
Cheryl Butlin
Australia 2012

Here's what you need to know to get started:
  1. Check out the course syllabus
  2. Complete Basic Color Course, Followup and Complete Training
    1. After taking the Basic Color Course and the Followup Course, training is $999 (discounted from $2200).  You pay $79 for 14 months (total of $1106)
    2. Level 1 Basic Course, Followup Course (pre-requisites for the training), plus full training pay $97 for 16 months (total $1552 as discounted from $2696).
  3. Order the package of materials needed for the training
We now offer a different way to do the training.  You may be certified in each of the three protocols. This means you can have paying clients for the protocol you are certified in while you are learning the next protocol. When you are certified in all three, you are a Certified Complementary Color Therapist.

Each of the certifications for the protocols is an online course with the personal mentoring by Leslie Romine, trainer. Before signing up for one of these certification courses, you will need to have completed the Basic Color Course and the Followup course. Here are your options at the discounted prices:
  1. Certified ColorCard Reader  (6 weeks) $212.00
  2. Certified Transformational Therapy Session Guide  (9 weeks) $410.00
  3. Certified Stress Relief Facilitator  (5 weeks) $189.00
  4. Setting up Your Color Therapy Business (4-5 weeks) optional $189.00  
​Choose from the dropdown menu below.

If you have additional questions, contact us.  Arlene Arnold, founder of Complementary Color Therapy, would be happy to talk with you.
Features Benefits
Online Learn from home
Business Set up a Color Therapy Business
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