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CD:Crystal in the Heart

CD:Crystal in the Heart

"Crystal in the Heart" (with music by Dawn-April Williams) takes you into higher crystalline vibrations through the music (created specifically for this meditation) and the inspired words. Arlene's soothing voice transports you to a world of light and connection. Intuitively you recognize what you knew before coming into form. You remember the light connections that is the Oneness of All.

Move into new dimensional vibrations through the heart. Discover the light strand connections between humans, Earth, and Central Sun. See how light strands connect all to all. As you participate in the visualzation, you create more light in your own field and you bring more light to the planet.

Arlene's voice takes you deep into places of the crystalline energies. Dawn-April William's music enhances the vibrations as you move within yourself and beyond yourself.
Click the link below for the CD Package of 3 Guided Visualization Meditations by Arlene.
Visualization by Arlene Arnold Arlene's soothing voice takes you deep into the crystalline energies.
Music by Dawn-April Williams This music was written especially for the visualization.
Features Benefits
This Meditation transports you to visions of light Higher Vibrations support overall health
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Crystal in the Heart meditationWhat a beautiful meditation that quickly takes us into that higher vibration and allows us to rest there. The visualizations are simple and clear, complimenting the lovely music. I was left with a feeling of being truly HOME. Written by Lyn Radosevich on Wed 14 May 2014 1:42:06 PM GMT
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