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E-book-Ascending with the Crystalline Energy

E-book-Ascending with the Crystalline Energy

E-book-Ascending with the Crystalline Energy
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How is the Crystalline Energy Affecting You?

Are you feeling changes that are unfamiliar and even confusing?  Sometimes this affects  your physical and emotional well-being.  You may know that things are changing, yet you still see so much chaos around you.  How do you understand what is happening to you?  How do you reconcile the changing vibrations with what you see on the news and in the lives of those you love?

If you are left wondering about this, you are not alone!  In fact, we have never been in this same situation before as humans.  It is exciting, confusing, exhilarating, exhausting--all of that and more.

My name is Arlene Arnold, author of the "ColorCards."  I wrote this e-book about the Crystalline energy based on my own experience and that of my friends and clients.  In fact, I just updated it since I first wrote it in 2007 and some things have changed or become clearer.

Here I share my understanding of how to:
  • Recognize the signs of change
  • Go through the change with greater ease
  • Activate the Crystalline Energy
  • Increase the impact of this energy
  • Use it to comfort your body
  • Use it to communicate through the diamond grid
As a bonus, I am offering a recording that will expand what you learn in the e-book.  The link to sign up for this bonus is in the e-book.
Also, if you are fascinated by all things crystalline, here's a Crystalline Package of materials including this e-book.  It combines the Luminaries card deck, the Crystal in the Heart CD meditation, and the Diamond Grid CD manifesting meditation.  All these help you raise your vibration as you learn to live as a New Human.

Luminaries: A Divination set that brings you into the New World. 12 Mandala Designs bridge from the world of drama to the world of allowing. 12 Mandala Designs teach you how to live in the New World by "being" instead of "doing".

Crystal in the Heart CD: Vibrate with crystalline energy through your whole energy field. Connect to the earth, the center of creation and others through the crystalline strands of light. Join Mother Earth in vibrating the crystalline energy.

The Diamond Grid CD: Learn to manifest through the higher vibrations. Visualize the light structure that holds all creation together.
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