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E-book The Observer

E-book The Observer

E-book The Observer
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What if you could change the belief systems that limit and control your creative potential in life? What if you could let go of those voices that judge you and then in turn judge others.

If we continually see life in limitations we quickly take our place among the helpless victims who believe that they have no choice, that life is hard work and nothing but a struggle. On the other hand there are those who can see joy in every day, waiting for the next discovery and a reason to play. Where do you want to live; in the center of discovering life or always trying to re-cover from it?

What happens to us? Where do we lose sight of the adventure and the discovery?

Sometimes the chaos gets to be so overwhelming that the journey comes to a screeching halt and the keeper of “helplessness” steps forward and assures you that life has no purpose and you are the victim of its whim.

At this point you have been given an opportunity to make a change. By investing some time to discover new ways of looking at your life, change is possible.

This is where you can shift from the limitations of your emotional baggage and go forward with the power to live life in discovery.

Step by step, Peggy Smith, author of "The Observer," shows you how.

There are many words written today about self improvement, self awareness and finding the authentic self. But in reality, there are only three basic elements in all efforts to make a change in your life. One is to realize you desire change, next is the dedication to look for how you can change, and the third is to take action. Peggy shows you how you can take action in your life. Once you understand the basic principles for working with "The Observer" you can apply to every part of your life.

Knowledge and understanding plus action are the ingredients for life lived intentionally according to what you desire. For just $4 you can find out what it takes to make that change.

Wouldn't right now be the best time to get started?

A lifelong interest in the nature of existence and an endless curiosity about how it works has led Peggy Smith to consider herself a perpetual student of life. Her studies include comparative religion, creative visualization and meditation practices along with various energetic healing modalities such as Reiki and Acutonics.
She is a Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and most recently enhanced her training by becoming a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist. In addition, as a registered Counselor in the State of Washington Peggy helps facilitate the healing process with integrative counseling to balance body, mind and spirit. As Peggy frequently reminds us; “It all boils down to the fact that everything is energy. So naturally Energetic Therapies will always be a good choice for a better you.”

“What is essential to change a person is to change his awareness of himself…..”

Peggy is also available for counseling and vibrational therapy.
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15 pages of information and practical application Practical learning and application
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