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Humpty Dumpty Get's It Together

Humpty Dumpty Get's It Together

Humpty Dumpty Get's It Together
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The Undiscovered Wisdom of Humpty Dumpty
How to Clear the Fog of Unwanted Thoughts and Emotions
by Learning to Find Clarity of Mind and Inner Balance

How much energy do you use holding back thoughts and emotions that throw you off balance? Learn to dissolve what no longer works for you and regain all of your energy and zest for life.

Author Arlene Arnold offers a simple, effective way to clear your mind and energy with wisdom gained from what-happened-next in the Humpty Dumpty story. 

Transform your feelings of separation, loneliness and confusion into clarity, wholeness and vitality.   
Arlene Arnold takes her 18 years of experience as a certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator and shares simple techniques to release what’s holding you back.  When that happens, you see who you really are and understand what you’re here to do.
If Humpty Dumpty can get it together, so can you! In this delightful sequel to the original story, you’ll find tools that allow you to reclaim your "pieces" that got left behind in traumatic events or that are caught up in thoughts and beliefs that belong to someone else but still shape your current life.

Arlene's book helped me clear the doubt and stagnation I was feeling and allowed me to continue my new business with confidence and joyful trust. I highly recommend her work!” – Eduardo Alarcon
“Thank you so much for your guidance, enlightenment, and compassionate heart.  What a blessing you’ve been in my life!” – Kristina Craig

"Did you ever wonder if Little Bo Peep found her sheep or if anyone ever found Jack and Jill bruised and unconscious at the bottom of the hill?  Sometimes I think childhood rhymes and fairy tales were written by adults with abandonment issues and a fear of hills. In her new book, Humpty Dumpty Gets It Together, Arlene Arnold has brought us back to the wall that was Humpty Dumpty’s final downfall but this time the story is written by a very wise and talented spiritual teacher. The idea that we all fall to pieces once in a while can be a very daunting realization.  With skillful writing, delightful insights and a straight forward message, Arlene makes our visit with Humpty Dumpty an inspiring journey to wholeness and wellbeing that is definitely not your run of the mill self-help book.  Join Humpty and be there when, “All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men” are not needed to put Humpty together again.  It is a worthwhile read that gives you a treasure of helpful ideas no matter what you are trying to pull together in your own life’s journey."
 Peggy Smith, Certified Vibrations Medicine Practitioner and Stress Management Specialist

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Humpy Dumpty Gets It TogetherI have personally had the pleasure of working with Arlene several years ago. My session was around two hours.
My session with Arlene connected me back to me, or at least Headed me in a new direction to put me on my path to
Years later Our paths crossed again. I purchased her new book and read it. I thought to myself , this is how she worked with me back then. Only there was no "text".
I I so love the messages throughout the book.
We are all the creators in and of our lives. Sometimes you have to fall apart to put yourself back together. You are never the same but, new and improved. That can be nothing but a real good thing.
I can personally see so many people who get stuck in the process of "becoming" benefit from a session with Humpty Dumpty.
Arlene Arnold is a wise and compassionate storyteller.
At the end of her book she signs " Blessings on your journey". This is not lip service. I know she truly lives that salutation in her every waking/working moment.
Actually when I grow up I want to be just like her, only me.
Thanks Arlene
Written by Renata Dunkle. on Sat 8 Mar 2014 1:07:21 AM GMT
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