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Book-Relax Relieve Rejuvenate

Book-Relax Relieve Rejuvenate

Book-Relax Relieve Rejuvenate
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3 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Feel Better in 20 minutes or Less

Are you tired of being stressed out?

You know it affects your
  • health
  • relationships
  • energy to have fun
It's clear that you need to slow down, take a break, and chill, but It never seems to happen.  

You have good intentions, but finding the time and actually taking the time for yourself just doesn't seem to happen.

Many of us struggle with this.  Unfortunately, feeling bad that you are not doing what it takes to de-stress adds to the stress.

That's why I developed this E-book with a unique, proven method 
that takes 20 minutes or less  to help you start your day calm and energized.

I have long used visualizing and breathing color as a way to stay balanced and alert.  Since suffering with back pain, I learned stretching exercises that are very helpful. It occurred to me to combine these two methods.  Wow!  I was excited and amazed at the results.  I took my friends through the routine and they loved it too.  Here's what they said:

Janet--"I feel quite alert, yet calm--actively calm.  I'm in the middle of myself, not leaning forward or pushing forward.  I'm going to let the day come to me."
Narayan-- "I feel a balancing going on, especially in my head.  This will help me feel more centered, balanced, and present.  I have a sense of stability."
Diana-- “This way of breathing and stretching is a great way to start the day!  It’s easy to follow and not time consuming.  I find it both energizing and calming.” 

The E-book explains the process and why it works.  In addition, I have added a bonus recording that gives you 2 different ways to use this method.  
  1. One track guides you through the full stretching and breathing color routine.  I usually do this on the bed although you can also use a mat on the floor.  It's easy to use even when traveling.
  2. The other takes you through the process of just visualizing and breathing color.  This is ideal to use on a plane or on a break during the day.

What I like best is that I actually do this routine on a regular basis.  No more excuses.  It takes 20 minutes or less to feel relaxed and energized.  I do it before my shower and before my cup of coffee.  It becomes my first priority in the morning.

Are you ready to sooth your blood pressure, relieve your tight neck, allow yourself to breathe deeply, and clear your brain?

OK Let's get started!

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