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Who and What we are about! offers you a community of spiritual seekers working together to be the highest and best they can be. offers a selection of self help tools for the spiritual journey, focusing largely on color therapy.  These products, services, and information are here because we know they work and they come from commitment and integrity.    They encourage a person to look within for answers, thus developing a greater reliance on what one knows intuitively through universal wisdom

We are living in a time of the New Human; a time of great change and great opportunity.  Some of you have been on this spiritual journey most of your life; some of you have just begun to awaken to your spiritual journey.  All of us are in this transformative process together.  


Because many of you come from around the world, we have tailored our services to be available by phone and by e-mail.  Our blog/newsletter brings you tips we have learned as part of our journey in this new age as well as visualization exercises or specific things you can say or do to create the life you desire. We also let you know what classes and services are being offered


This journey is not always easy.  Some of you are here to break new ground, bring new concepts, or work with gifts that are generally misunderstood.  If you are a groundbreaker, you are not alone.  Thank you for your commitment to your journey. 


For those of you who are suddenly being thrown into a new way of looking at life or have been on this journey a long time, you are not alone.  That’s why we have ways for you to communicate with others in our community.


That’s also where the tools come in.  These are tools that we know work!  You don’t have to create something for yourself.  We have done it for you.  Whether that tool is a book, CD, art, music, or article, it is meant to assist you, just as we have been assisted.


Each of the practitioners involved in has been invited to offer his or her services to you.  They have all put together some way of working with you by phone or by e-mail so that there is a real person available when you need him or her.  Intuitive counseling is available as well as intuitive divination readings.  Each practitioner is described below for your benefit. 


We also encourage you to meet others in your area through our various community forums at  Often friends and family don’t understand the path you are walking.  It is helpful to share your experiences and ask your questions of others who are making a similar journey.

We invite you to visit our other web site where you can join our community and focus especially on color therapy tools.


Many blessings on your way!


The Transformational Tools Team

 Arlene Arnold, IRT

Arlene is a certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as an Inner Reality Therapist.  Her passion and her expertise include color therapy, creative visualization, inner child therapy, remote viewing, and hands on healing.

Click here for more information about Arlene

 Lahrinda Eileen

Lahrinda creates memorable sacred geometry mandala art that expresses vibrational patterns that can be life changing.  At the top of this page you will see Arlene’s personal symbala Lahrinda brought through intuitively.  It’s vibration points to Arlene’s vision for the community.    

Click Here for more information about Lahrinda.

 Al Harris

Al is an exceptional musician, songwriter, and composer.  The vibrational sounds in his music bring healing.  The variety of instruments and types of music show his genius.  Learn about his amazing CD, Bach Flower Music, which brings healing through the vibrations of the music.

Click Here for more information about Al and his music.

Peggy Smith 
Peggy offers vibrational healing and motivational counseling.  Arlene has used her counsel for her personal and business life.  She is intuitive and wise.
Click here for more information about Peggy

eslie Romine
Leslie is our Complementary Color Therapy Trainer. She has been part of our community for many years and has assisted Arlene in developing many of the courses you find here.  She is also available for individual sessions.
More about Leslie

Trisha Dunn
Trisha handle our social media and other web site. She has been such a wonderful addition to our team! If you have an online business and need some assistance, she is available for specific jobs or a part-time position.
Send a mesage via our contact form.

Arlene ArnoldArlene ArnoldArlene Arnold, certified Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator, has been creating "tools" for transformation using color and guided meditation since 1995. She uses her intuitive abilities to sense information and "see" within the body field and energies of the person.
Peggy SmithPeggy SmithClaim your personal power, know your next step, allow the body to heal. Peggy Smith offers motivational counseling and energetic healing along with wisdom sprinkled in along the way

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