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Music for Your Emotions by Al Harris

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In the 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach found 38 plant and flower remedies to balance emotions.  Bach knew from his hospital rounds that when patients balanced their emotions, the body and mind could heal themselves.


Bach was quite intuitive.  He sold his successful London practice, went off to Wales, and used himself as a guinea pig.  He would first experience a negative emotion; then find a plant remedy to dissolve it.


When I read about Dr. Bach, I realized he was working with vibrations and intention.  He used his intention to find the remedies, and he used it to literally infuse the remedies with love when he prepared them. 


I’ve been in music and healing for quite some time.  I’ve seen music touch the lives of autistic and paraplegic children when nothing else would, because music is a non-verbal language. 


It can often soothe us when words fail.  It can get us unstuck when repeating thoughts rivet us in place.  It can help us on all levels.


So I began to wonder if I could write “Bach flower music.”  I thought, “What if I followed Dr. Bach’s lead?  Could I experience a negative emotion and then find a music remedy to dissolve it?” 


I spent a year doing just that.  At the end of that year I had 38 pieces of music that correspond to Dr. Bach’s remedies.


I also found something interesting.  Not only can you use music to dissolve a negative emotion, you can use it to connect to your inner knowingness, to a pool of inner wisdom we all share.


By combining the Bach flower music with writing/journaling, I found it could actually open a door to whatever intent I had.  And by journaling, I saw that this door-opening lasted for a length of time.


As is often the case, when I experiment with something, I have to experience it first, before other people.  So one time, when I was at my wits end for about two weeks and could find no relief from a situation, I suddenly remembered the Bach flower music.

In nine minutes, my breathing changed, my outlook shifted, I got some fantastic realizations, and I started on a new course.  It got me unstuck.


The reason it does this is because it allows you to combine your right-brain intuitive abilities with your left-brain logic.  And guess what?  That produces BALANCE.


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