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Listen to "Soul Song" taken from the CD "All Bliss"

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All Bliss has an eclectic, exciting palette.  “Get Together” is a fresh version of the Youngbloods’ classic hit.  “Peace and Joy,” a tribute to John Lennon, echoes the sound of the Beatles.  “Soul Song” and “Walking in the Bliss” are structured like chants, using repetition and a hypnotic beat to induce a trance state.  “Shivaya” is literally adapted from a Hindu chant.  “Be Yourself” is a song with a pop feel and a non-conformist message, while “Mostly Love” evokes the smooth style of the Brazilian jazz singer Sadé.  The lyrics for the reflective “Always Near” are adapted from a poem by the Indian teacher Yogananda.  “We’re not limited by one genre,” says Narayan.  “The nature of each song tells us what it wants.”  

The duo describes the creation of the CD as a blissful, miraculous journey.  “The whole process has been blessed, and part of the blessing is that the music attracted people who are masters of their art to help us,” says Narayan, noting that no less than three Grammy award winners (Eric Tingstad, Tom Hall and Garey Shelton) were involved in the recording and producing the album.  The two also worked with a number of other musicians and technicians at the top of their fields.  “We were co-creating with God, so the project manifested everything it needed—beyond our wildest dreams,” Janet says.  Both believe that the energy for the project has flowed because the CD goes so far beyond mere entertainment.  “The whole planet is undergoing an evolution in consciousness,” says Narayan.  “This is music to help that along.”  

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