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Art & Sacred GeometryRe-program old ways of living with Art & Sacred Geometry

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Vibrations of the New World Experienced as Art 
All Things Vibrate
Every thing in form is vibrating. How it vibrates stipulates much of its form. By isolating color as found in ColorCards and Mini ColorCards vibrations can be used to understand much about life. For example, depending on how it is used red can mean anger, frustration, blocked energy or it can become the energy needed to get a project started or the passion needed to proceed with life purpose. 

Combining Color and Sacred Geometry
When the vibration of color is combined with sacred geometry a new, more complex vibration is created. Layers and layers of meaning are combined to create a new context of experience. This is art. Art is an expression of life that contains meaning. The meaning is passed to another, not through words, but through the visual experience.

Here's a video that shows you the combination of color, sacred geometry, and sound.

How Geometry Changes our Experience of Color
Try this:  Close your eyes and think of a blotch of red with no particular boundaries around it.  Now, look at the geometry filled with red below.  Notice how each one feels. 

Now look at this art created by Lahrinda Eileen using red.

This Mandala Art is called “Core Crucible.”  Do you feel the fiery furnace of energy?  Notice how different this art feels from the shapes with red above.  Imbedded within the design is numerology, many layers sacred geometry, various hues and shades of colors that blend and move as one.

Art Communicates
Trans-Lumens and Mini-Lumens (art created by Lahrinda Eileen) are large and smaller sizes of the same art found in the card deck called Luminaries™. As you gaze at the colors and movement found in the Luminary designs, the art communicates a story that affects you at a cellular level.  Have you ever become mesmerized while staring into someone’s eyes? On an intuitive level you know something is passing between you. You may not understand the content of this transmission, but you know without a doubt that a connection has been made. This is how art works.

When I demonstrate the
Luminaries™ I often have the person experience the art first and then tell me what he/she is experiencing. Often the stories of persons who experience a particular Luminary Art piece are similar. There are many levels of meaning in the art yet the meaning each person gains seems to contain a theme that is similar. That is because each person is experiencing the vibration that has been created. Each person is communicating with that vibration, absorbing information through the experience.

Art Affects Your Environment
If you pick a card from Luminaries™ or you are simply drawn to a particular
Luminary Art piece, you are being shown that this vibration has a message for you. By hanging the Luminary Art where you see if often, you are unconsciously picking up that meaning. By focusing on the art, you are allowing more of that meaning to seep into your consciousness. The room where the art hangs takes on some of that vibration. Like rays of light being beamed into the room these vibrations are also beamed into your field.  This art affects the vibrational field that is part of your body. For this reason, it is very important what vibrations you choose for your environment.

Art for Sacred Focus

Luminary Art can also be displayed as part of your sacred focal point. Some call this their home altar. Here you place objects, sayings, art, or anything that radiates a deeper meaning that you want to bring into your energy field. The smaller version of Luminary Art called Mini Lumens works well here.

Art as Alternative Healing
Since vibrating energy is what we are, changing the vibration in your energy field can be vibrational healing in body and soul.  This is why it is called Transformational Art.  Visionary Art shifts your current way of seeing your life and all of life.  This too changes your vibrational field by changing the way you think.

Gifting a Piece of Art
Luminary Art makes a wonderful gift. You are sending an experience to a friend or relative that may change that person’s life. The person doesn’t have to understand the gift consciously, but his or her inner knowing self will incorporate meaning from the art that is appropriate for that person at that time.

Choose What Art is Right for You is about offering many different ways to facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Each person responds differently, some through words, some through music, and some through a visual experience. Choose from the visual experience that works best for you. When you focus on your heart and ask, you will know.  Luminaries, Trans-Lumens and Mini Lumens are all the same designs that you see below.
  In the Luminaries you find these designs as round cards.  The book with them contains information about how they were developed and has inspired writing that tells more about the meaning of the vibration created by the color and sacred geometry.

Here is a sample from the deck.  Notice that each card has sections that you may use or you may simply read the first section for an overview. When you pick a card, you may want to pick the art that appeals to you, or you may want to allow your intuition to guide you by choosing the cards as they are laid face down.
Here’s what Rebecca had to say about her experience with the Luminaries:“The other night a friend and I were discussing her health concerns and attempting to get some answers to some of her questions...I pulled theLuminaries out and had her select a car.  It was right on to what we had been talking about with her health  Then she pulled another and again an answer came  We just sat there looking at each other in astonishment. She went home wanting a deck for herself. Thanks so much for these wonderful tools.”

Here is one of the cards called “Crown.”  Below it you will find the inspired writing that may be used with the card. 

Crown (A vibration of the number 10)
Something to Consider
This is your time to be recognized.  Will you boldly accept the crown of awakening?  Not as one who stands above others, but as one who shares in the journey of becoming fully present and accepts responsibility for living a unique contribution!
A Reflection on Crown
It is time! The preparation is complete! Will you gratefully accept the crown!  Its halo signifies your inner awakening. Its brilliance declares the Oneness of All.  Step forward!  Accept the Divine Intention to create in and through a world come of age. 
A Message from Crown
With jewels of the universe bursting forth from infinity of light, I bring vision and wisdom for the journey home.  Shared human seasons with fragile beginnings now yield to empowerment for the harvest.  Wear my essence as a crown of glory, igniting the new way in cooperation with the All.
Questions You Might Ask
What does it mean for me to accept the crown! 
Applying Crown to Your Life
In the world as we have known it, wearing a crown can be seen as standing above others.  In a changing world, accepting the crown means taking your unique place, using your unique talents, responding to your individual abilities to serve the whole.  Are you fully aware of how this applies to you?  If no, ask to be made aware of its meaning Soak in what comes.  Surrender your reluctance to a greater good.
What this means to you
When you pick a card from the Luminaries Deck and read about it in the Luminaries Book, your inner guidance is giving you important information that can change your life.  These cards act as catalysts for becoming New Humans with higher vibrations and more of an ability to live as Love in a world of form.  With this understand you create a world within the world.  Remember the Christian Biblical reference to “Live in the World, but not of the world.”  You create your daily life in a vibration that refuses to join the drama created by fear.  

Water Imprints
Another way we present Lahrinda’s art is through her water imprints.  Each of these designs creates a vibration that your body can use for its health and well-being.  Choose one of the designs, place your glass of water on the design with the intention that the water is picking up the vibration, drink the water knowing you have just ingested this vibration. Does that seem strange?  Masaru Emoto experimented with water taken from different places.  He froze the water, took a slice from the ice, and then looked at it through a microscope.  To his amazement, he could see different crystal formations.  When the water came from polluted water the crystals were misshapen.  He then tried attaching different words on the container of water which he then froze and put under a microscope.  The differences were phenomenal!  You can see these designs in his book, Hidden Messages in Water available through our web site.  We also carry his DVD and several of his other books. Lahrinda Eileeen, artist of the Luminary Art, read his book and then realized that the designs she created could communicate a special vibration to water.  And since human beings are largely made up of water, this vibration, when ingested as a drink of water, would affect the other water molecules in the body.  Thus were born the Water imprints.

Choose from such themes as Balance & Integration, Harmony, Simplify & Focus and so much more.  These come in sets of 8.  Check out the individual art pieces for each of the Sets.  Set I  Set II  Set III

  Here is Set I.  Click above for the other Sets.

Click here for FREE information about about the Water Imprints and How to Use Them. 

Here are before and after aura photos that demonstrate how the art changes the water that Terry Bates drank which changed the vibration in his cells.  Notice how different his auric field is after drinking the water.  The Water Imprint used was “Inner Peace.”


 Twelve Activation Chakra Art Prints

Artist Lahrinda Eileen has created Mandala Art for the 12 Chakras based on Cyndi Dales's information in her book "New Chakra Healing."  Each print communicates through its color and sacred geometry.  Work with this art allowing it to speak to you and to change your energy field.  Click Here to read about each Chakra Activation Art Print.

  Set of 12 Chakras

The Sylphs
The Sylphs grace the print with their beauty and love.  Each uses color differently in the same design.  Notice how the use of color changes how each one feels.  Again, Lahrinda Eileen is the artist.  She calls this “A Faerie Coterie Enticing the Magic Child within us All.”   Have some fun playing with The Sylphs.  Here is one of the Prints that shows all seven of these amazing energies. 


Luminaries Card DeckLuminaries Card DeckMandala Art to experience the New Age of Crystalline Energy. Sample the inspired writing
Art & Sacred Geometry Products

Art & Sacred Geometry Products

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Course: Luminaries Illuminated Part ICourse: Luminaries Illuminated Part ILuminaries Illuminated offers you a unique experience with each of the Luminaries Cards. There are 2 decks of 12 cards each.  This series is deck 1.Each card builds the energy for the 12 weeks.
Luminaries Mandala Card DeckLuminaries Mandala Card Deck24 round mandala cards of Sacred Geometry Art and a book of Inspired Verse create a high vibrational oracle of transformation. 
Mandala Coloring BookMandala Coloring Book

The Power of Color, mandala coloring book, shows how to use color to increase your energy, bring out your creativity, sooth your emotions, and bring balance to your life.  Using complementary color will give you new insights to shift your energy and transform your life.

Through the simple process of mindful coloring with a set of complementary colors or with the three sets that make up the rainbow, change takes place.  It is subtle and long lasting. It’s fun and transformational for all ages. It brings balance to your life, soothing your body, mind and spirit.

Package 2: CrystallinePackage 2: Crystalline
Package: Cards Sets Using Color VibrationPackage:  Cards Sets Using Color VibrationSave on this Package Deal of card decks using Color & Sacred Geometry ColorCards Mini ColorCards (3 sets) Luminaries Retail Package $107.40 (includes coaching) You save $42.40
Package: Sacred GeometryPackage: Sacred GeometryPackage Deal containing Water Imprints to change your vibration by charging water and then drinking it. Plus 24 Mandala Art Card Deck and poetry from the book to create illuminating vibrations. Retail for this package is $92.95 (includes reading and e-book). You save $44.95
Personal Symbala Mandala ArtPersonal Symbala Mandala ArtPersonalized Symbalas created by Mandala Artist Lahrinda Eileen Resonating with symmetry and color, a Personal Symbala is a mandala or magic form representing wholeness or unity. Each one is created from an intuitive integration of Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Birth Numbers and Color inspired by the energies of an individual,
Translumen Luminary Art Set ITranslumen Luminary Art Set ISet of 12 Luminary Art 8-1/2 x 11 prints suitable for framing.  Fill your room with art from the Luminary Card Set.  Each of these prints brings vibrations that helps you move forward in this changing world.  The first Set takes you from the old world of drama into a new perspective, a new way of living life.
Translumen Luminary Art Set IITranslumen Luminary Art Set IISet II of the Translumen Luminary Art Prints (8-1/2 x 11).  Fill your room with the vibration of what you are becoming as a New Human
Water Imprint SetsWater Imprint SetsComplete Set of including all the Mandala Art by Lahrinda Eileen that creates vibrations such as Self-Empowrment, Inner Peace, Love & Gratitude that you can use to imprint your water. When you drink the water, you ingest the vibration which in turn imprints the water in your body. Here's an easy effective way to bring all that you desire into your body at a cellular level.

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