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Change Your Point of ViewLet's Change our Point

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Let's Change Our Point of View

Let's Change Our Point of View

by Arlene Arnold

We are in a time of change!  You feel it in the changes happening in politics, in weather, in attitudes, and probably in your own physical body.  Sometimes these changes have us thinking that things are getting worse.  But, sometimes what seems "worse" is so extreme that we suddenly understand how something must change, and that's a good thing.  In other cases, the change has been coming for a long time and now it is truly showing itself in our reality.

As these changes surface, we are faced with shifting our point of view--our way of looking at the world, at situations in life, and at ourselves.  What we once clung to as "the way it is" no longer serves us.  We have to dig deeper inside ourselves.  We have to broaden our perspective.  We have to let go of what we are so attached to.  This is the way of the new life that is surfacing in us and through us.

Everyday I ask my soul and myself, "What is the best use of my energy today?"  If I am clinging to judgment of a person, a situation, or even a way of doing things, I am misusing my energy.  

Through Complementary Color Therapy Tools, I then find the source of this stuck energy.  As I shift the part of me that is stuck, I shift my point of view.  As I shift my point of view, my energy flows once again.

Each time we allow the energy to flow more easily, our personal energy field raises in vibration.  As we are more and more able to hold that new vibration, we no longer add stuck energy to our personal energy field.  Instead, we notice what could get stuck and then choose to stay very present here and now, realizing that this energy is no longer helpful.  That realization allows us to let the thought go, moving on to the next moment.

I offer you my e-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living" which may help in this process.  If we keep going back to the same pattern--the same point of view--we stay stuck.  As we intentionally change where we start from, we have a much better chance of living a simpler and more effective life.

The "ColorCards" offer an easy way to identify what keeps you stuck.  The "Complementary Color Therapy Course" takes you through a step-by-step process of how to clear out your energy field.  The "Luminaries" offer you an understanding of how to to transition from the old to the new.  And best of all, brings you some wonderful practitioners who can help you by phone.  (Check out the package below of ColorCards, Mini ColorCards, and Luminaries.)

Keep doing what works for you.  We're all moving forward, even when we sometimes feel like our feet are stuck in the mud.


Copywrite Arlene Arnold 2008

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