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TrustingPart of you can trust and part of you may not trust. Meeting that part that does not trust can be a healing experience.
Opening the HeartOpening the HeartWhen you have been hurt, it can be difficult to open your heart to give and receive. Arlene Arnold offers ways to heal the heart and open to love.
Are You Ready to be a New Human?
Divine LoveDivine LoveThe old is passing away. Divine Love is making itself known more clearly. We are radiating Divine Love.
Change Your Point of ViewChange Your Point of ViewLook at life from a new point of view.
Riding the WaveRiding the WaveVibrations and Energetic changes are taking place in the world. We are attempting to keep up. How are you being stopped in your tracks so that you can pay attention to the changes in your life?
PossibilitiesPossibilitiesAs you release heavy energies that have kept you stuck, you are preparing for a New Age of possibilities. This takes a shift in perspective
stressed_outstressed_outLearn how stress can be relieved through color.
Podcast InterviewPodcast InterviewWhat is it about color that affects us? Why do we want certain colors around us? What does color have to say about you? All this and more in an hour interview with Arlene Arnold
Close Relationships Can Be Your Greatest TeacherClose Relationships Can Be Your Greatest TeacherHave you ever wondered why you seem to have the worst trouble with those you care for the most? They are in your life for a reason. Learn how the color you dislike may tell you why.
Article, Thoughts on ForgivenessForgiving self and others can lead to compassion
Article, Emerging as the Christed SelfExperience the rebirth of the self into a new form.
Article, Ego Friend or Foe?The ego can be your friend!
Article, Forgiveness Meditation
Bridge to ForgivenessAnger and hate come to all who feel they are victims of cruelty of others; yet, the path to peace for all comes through transforming the hatred to forgiveness within each heart.
N So What’s the Big SECRET?N So What’s the Big SECRET?Peggy Smith tells her story of using "The Secret" which tells about the Law of Attraction to bring her what she most desired.
Power in the Present MomentPower in the Present MomentMerina's near death experience helped her to be present in every moment, savoring all that comes through her senses.
Interview with Gregg BradenInterview with Gregg BradenThe shift is Happening is an interview with Gregg Braden where he explains the magnetic shift and how it affects animals, people, airports, everything in this world.
Music for Your EmotionsMusic for Your EmotionsAl Harris describes his personal journey to create "The Bach Flower Music." Like Dr. Edward Bach, Al experienced each emotion and then wrote the music to sooth and heal that emotion.
The Symbala World of Lahrinda EileenLearn how Lahrinda began her art and how she uses sacred geometry to create design for the spiritual path.
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