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Aura Camera
My Aura Photo Camera takes two photos.  One is a picture of the person.  The other is a picture of the vibrations in the auric field that are captured when the hand is placed on an electronic pad that creates a tiny electric charge.  This technology is called Kirilian Photography and was first developed by Nikola Tesla.  Specific vibrations are sent from the electronic pad to the camera, which translates them into the colors that we can see in the Aura Photo. 

I enjoy doing ColorCard Readings along with an Interpretation of the Aura Photo.  This gives an amazingly accurate snapshot of the person at this moment.  The lower right part of the photo (left side of the person) shows what is happening in the receiving, feminine energy of the person and the left side of the photo (right side of the body) shows what is happening in the giving out, masculine energy of the person.  When both sides are equally balanced the person is giving and receiving equally.  Often the receiving side is smaller because we tend to have a harder time receiving than giving.  

At the top of the photo are colors that indicate a person’s life path of life purpose.  In the above photo, the color is a magenta/violet.  Magenta indicates compassion and violet indicates the person is here to look at life from a universal perspective and most likely to offer that teaching to others.

The white seen above the person's head is their soul connection--their halo.  Sometimes angel energy shows up here as well. 

On either side of Renata is orange.  On the right there is a very bright orange.  Notice it looks a bit like a ball of orange.  Orange is the second chakra energy which is about experiencing life through the senses fully.  Often the second chakra also holds blocked emotions that come from what one has experienced through the senses. Renata is loving her work.  The ball of energy shows that she is getting extra divine assistance through her work.  She is fully present in what she is giving out in a very bright, emotionally balanced way.  

On the left side, the orange is muted.  This indicates there is some internal transformation going on which has an emotional content to it.  

Around the orange, you will also see brown.  This means Renata is very grounded.  She uses the earth energy to keep her very present in her body.  Because she is grounded, she can be practical, nurturing, and able to connect with others.   

A ColorCard Reading would expand on what is seen in the Aura Photo.  Often some of the same colors show up on the ColorCards in the reading.  I like to use the Mini ColorCards for this reading.  The focus can be on an experience the person wants to know more about or just a general reading.  I have the person pick four Mini ColorCards.  There is an up and a down to the cards.  One end is the "lesson" and the other end is the "strength."  If a lesson comes up, I pick cards for that person placing new ones just below the one that is a lesson.  I continue to pick cards until it resolves into a strength.  This tells a story about what is going on.   

Let's say Renata picks the lesson in orange.  The next card is the lesson in red. 


The card says, ""Use your intense energy to live your life meaningfully."  This may mean that Renata is dealing with anger.  Since the orange in the photo is muted on the receiving side of the body, this may mean that she has internalized anger.  She now knows that it is important to focus on that anger in order to understand it, listen to it, and resolve what is there.   

Let's say the next card is the Strength found in Green.  The card says, "Integrated, Growing, Loving."  This would mean that if Renata will work through her anger, her heart will open more, allowing her to integrate what she has learned and to feel more loving.  

You can see a complete reading with the Mini ColorCards on the “Color Therapy Page.”  

When I give presentations and workshops on color, I like to take aura photos.  There is a great deal of information that comes from these photos that can be applied as we study about color. 

(If you would like to book a workshop of presentation, check out the Events page.) 

Before & After Aura Photos 

When a photo is taken before using a product and then one is taken afterward, you can see how effective the product is.  Aura Photos taken before and after an alternative healing product or process shows what happens to the person's energy field.

Using the Bach Flower Music
Here are photos that show what happened when Bach Flower Music was used to shift the energy field. 

“Robert, the person in these photos, wanted help with his life purpose. He chose two pieces of Bach Flower Music: Vervain, because he was tense, and Gorse, for hope. 


Robert’s Energy field before music.  After 3 minutes listening to Vervain.  After 3 minutes listening to Gorse 

PHOTO 1: The area at the top of the energy field (above his head) indicates life purpose. A lack of color in that area shows he is either in the midst of change or afraid of it. 

PHOTO2: After listening to music – a violet color above the head indicates an opening for Robert to connect with his life purpose, to see with a wider, more universal viewpoint.”Said Robert: “While listening I realized I’ve been using coffee as a drug. It interferes with my problem-solving abilities. And I see now that because I’ve been afraid to get clear on my life purpose, I keep drinking it so I won’t get any clarity. 

PHOTO3: After listening to more music, the color above the head area, and in fact the whole energy field, changed to a golden/yellow with brown on the periphery. Gold indicates clarity on a spiritual or higher level and yellow indicates it on a physical level. Brown can indicate part of his purpose is to nurture himself and others.Said Robert: “During the music I had an image of myself in a health spa in the tropics, sitting in warm water and just flushing out. Like my whole relationship to coffee has just melted away and there’s a much more healthy way to replace it.”  

RESULTS:Before the music Robert was disconnected from his life purpose. After the music Robert was optimistic, at peace and full of hope.Three months later To see if there was a lasting effect, I talked to Robert 3 months later. Here’s what he said:Not long after the music session I had a big shift and backed off of coffee substantially. My work is really anchored now. Before, I had moved 8 times. I now have a strong sense of belonging where I am.I teach computer-aided manufacturing at a college and I’ve made quantum leaps in my sense of purpose. I just rewrote the whole course curriculum and got it approved by the college board. In the last few months I’ve seen how I can combine my scientific/engineering background and my metaphysical side. And that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Friends that have not seen me for a while say: “Man, you’re looking good.” It’s the sparkle from being in my right livelihood.” 

Using Vibe, a Vitamin Supplement
While I was at a store doing aura photos, Merina came by.  She was feeling tired.  I suggested she try the Vibe, liquid vitamin supplement.  We decided to do before and after aura photos to see how the supplement affected her. 


In the first photo you can see that her field is closed down.  The colors are not bright. In the second photo, taken five minutes after taking the Vibe, her colors are brighter. In the third photo, taken about ten minutes after the Vibe, her field is once again bright and alive.  She also felt better, had more energy, and realized that Vibe could be of great benefit to her. Check out Vibe and other Health & Well-Being Products we are excited to present on 

Using Water Imprints
Here you see before and after photos of Terry Bates who ingested water imprinted with the mandala art called “Inner Peace.”  Notice what a difference it made in the brightness of his field.   There are 24 imprints in sets of 8.  You can choose the one you most need for the day.  The aura photos show you how much the imprints can affect your energy for the day.

 Other Interesting Aura Photos

Here is in interesting Aura Photo taken of a Reader.  What do you sense from the picture?

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