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CD Set: Bach Flower Music

CD Set: Bach Flower Music

CD Set: Bach Flower Music
Al HarrisSet of 2 CD's
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This is a set of two CD's. One helps you choose which Bach Flower Music will be most helpful to you. The second CD has 38 short pieces of music that correspond to the 38 Bach Flower Remedies used for many years to calm the spirit, clear emotions, and shift ways of thinking that sabotage life.

We suggest that you pick two or three remedies that call to you at this time. Set your CD player to play them consecutively and then loop them. This means that the pieces play over and over in the set. If this seems too difficult, repeat each piece of music at least three times. You will soon feel quite different from how you were when you started this process.

Arlene says, "When I use this music, I can feel it working in my energy field. If I get up in the morning feeling "off," I play the music to lift my spirits. I am immediately transported into a more balanced and happier place."

Al Harris has written, produced, and played (along with other artists) this music. He lived through each vibration in his own life as he became familiar with it.

Here is a simple way to shift patterns of anger, grief, guilt, and more. Create new ways to live your life to its fullest. Experience stress relief, allowing your body to stay healthy.

Use the links below to:
*Listen to samples of the music and discover what you need.
*See how using the Bach Flower Music can change your aura.
Two CD's Discover which pieces of music will be best for you; then play it
Features Benefits
Easy to Use You feel the effects immediately
On the Road Shift yourself wherever you are
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