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Book Selections

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"Books can be a great source of inspiration for life changes.  I enjoy both non-fiction and novels.  Here I have listed books I have authored along with my favorites by other authors.  I have also included a link for you to buy the Kindle which is a way to read books electronically.  I have found that I am very alergic to the ink or printing compounds so I am grateful for this amazing device!  Contact me if you have suggestions for books you have enjoyed." 

Arlene Arnold


Books for Children

Books for Children

Here is a great little book by my friend Sally Harris.

Here are some basic books from that will help you on your journey.

This one is very special!  It truly illustrates how we are all one.  I highly recommend it.



Books for the 21st Century


Spiritual Classics


Spiritual Healing & Creativity


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CD Set plus book: Meditation Tools Made SimpleCD Set plus book:  Meditation Tools Made SimpleBook & Guided Visualizations with download of the meditations and Audio Tapes to quiet the mind, open the heart to the truth within, and shift old life patterns.
Colorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsColorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsThis is a simple way to understand the meaning of color and how that affects your life. It's especially helpful to teens and those new to using cards. Spiral bound book to lay open as you lay out the cards. It includes the original ColorCard Book with two additional pages for the additional colors in the updated version. Instead of the original cards, this set includes the Mini ColorCards created at the same time as the newer version.

The chapters are shorter so the whole chapter can be read quickly. The set is very effective and has been a favorite since it was first brought out.

The Mini ColorCards are especially helpful because they tell you whether you are dealing with a lesson or strength. When using them for the Life Purpose Layout, one card can represent the general direction of your Purpose.

Like the newer version, this set helps you to focus on what is happening in a situation in your life, showing you what you are learning from it and what
E-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living"E-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living"Doing the same thing expecting different results is a definition of insanity. But how does one change that immediate response that happens before you know what hit you? Perhaps anger flares, depression engulfs you, or you turn to blame someone before knowing the story. Arlene Arnold's "How to Change the Default Mode of Living" shows you how to shift that immediate reaction to one you prefer and make it your default mode.
E-book The ObserverE-book The ObserverPeggy Smith shows you how to move from feeling like a victim of life to a place of choice and discovery. Her E-book "The Observer" is a step-by-step handbook for change. You may be surprised by how quickly change can come!
E-book-Ascending with the Crystalline EnergyE-book-Ascending with the Crystalline EnergyHow to activate and work with the Crystalline Energy as you raise your vibration and prepare for Ascension.
Mini ColorCards & ColorCard BookMini ColorCards & ColorCard BookCombine the Mini ColorCards with the ColorCard Book.

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