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Book-Relax Relieve RejuvenateBook-Relax Relieve RejuvenateAre you tired of being stressed out?  Here's an easy, proven way to de-stress and start your day relaxed and energized.  And it takes 20 minutes or less first thing in the morning.
E-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living"E-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living"Doing the same thing expecting different results is a definition of insanity. But how does one change that immediate response that happens before you know what hit you? Perhaps anger flares, depression engulfs you, or you turn to blame someone before knowing the story. Arlene Arnold's "How to Change the Default Mode of Living" shows you how to shift that immediate reaction to one you prefer and make it your default mode.
E-book The ObserverE-book The ObserverPeggy Smith shows you how to move from feeling like a victim of life to a place of choice and discovery. Her E-book "The Observer" is a step-by-step handbook for change. You may be surprised by how quickly change can come!
E-book What Your Favorite Color MeansE-book What Your Favorite Color MeansEverybody seems to have at least one favorite color.
Often it has been the same color for many years. Do you have a favorite color that has been important for you for a long time?

This e-book is a compilation of 6 articles (6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) that show you what it means if that color is your favorite. It's also interesting to look up someone else's favorite color--your partner, child, friend, co-worker. You can tell a lot about a person by knowing their favorite color.

E-book-Ascending with the Crystalline EnergyE-book-Ascending with the Crystalline EnergyHow to activate and work with the Crystalline Energy as you raise your vibration and prepare for Ascension.
E-book: Least Favorite Color, What It MeansE-book: Least Favorite Color, What It Means

Are there some colors you have an aversion to? You just don’t want them around.

Most people have at least one color that is their least favorite

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