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Tranformational Sessions with Arlene ArnoldTranformational Sessions with Arlene ArnoldMove what is stuck in your life--stuck in a job, stuck in a marriage, stuck in a health crisis. Complementary Color Therapy with Arlene Arnold can sometimes move you from the stuck place in minutes while deeper core issues may take a bit longer. If this seems amazing, it is! Wouldn't now be the right time to create new movement in your life?
Transformational Sessions-Michael AschenbrennerShift what's not working in your life through a color therapy session with Michael Aschenbrenner, certified Complementary Color Therapist.  Michael draws from his training and his life experience as he guides you through the alchemy of color to change what doesn't work in your life so you can make choices that bring you everything you desire. 
Transformational Sessions-Paula BronteTransformational Sessions-Paula BronteA session with Paula Bronte includes many therapies including Complementary Color Therapy and Rapid Eye Technology. Together they create a powerful way to move energy that affects your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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