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Color Therapy InformationColorTherapy Information

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Arlene Arnold’s unique approach to Color Therapy uses Complementary Colors to De-Stress the Body, bringing balance that heals the body, mind, and spirit.  

Listed below are products that Arlene uses in her Color Therapy Sessions.  

Transformational Sessions using Complementary Color Therapy can be done by phone.  You may also use these products to do your own Color Therapy at home.  If you would like personal help working with these products, you may schedule a coaching appointment with Arlene.


This Color Therapy is a step-by-step process which you may learn to use for yourself or become a practitioner.    Click Here to learn about our courses.

  1. Breathe Complementary Colors (Use Harmony through Color CD) 
  2. With the body field balanced, the fear level goes down.
  3. Locate the source of Stress through the ColorCards , the Mini ColorCards , or by paying attention to the specific energy center where the pain is found, or by noticing which energy centers were it's difficult to breathe through.  Identify the Complementary Colors needed in this area of the body (Harmony through Color CD, ColorCards of Mini Colorcards ). 
  4. Dissolve energy blockages in these areas through exercises found in the ColorCards , visualizations and clearing techniques found in Meditation Tools Made Simple while blessing and thanking the stuck energy for allowing you to learn more about yourself through it.  Continue to breathe color (Harmony through Color CD) so that the body can heal itself .  You may wish to memorize this breathing exercise so that you may do it at anytime during the day.

  Harmony through Color CD  
Track 1 explains how complementary colors work.
Track 2 guides you through an exercise breathing complementary colors

 ColorCards   Book & Card Set   Use layouts to discover information about relationships, situations at work or elsewhere in life, or suggested direction for life purpose.  Exercises for bringing balance through the use of color are included.

Mini ColorCards   Small carry-in-your-pocket cards for immediate focus to bring balance to any situation you encounter.  Complementary colors are noted on each card telling you how to use the colors for balance.

Meditation Tools Made Simple     This four part series teaches basic skills to relax, balance human and divine energies, receive intuitive guidance, and shift old habits and patterns that cause energy blockages.  It is now free with your purchase.

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Book-Relax Relieve RejuvenateBook-Relax Relieve RejuvenateAre you tired of being stressed out?  Here's an easy, proven way to de-stress and start your day relaxed and energized.  And it takes 20 minutes or less first thing in the morning.
ColorCard Set plus Mini ColorCardsColorCard Set plus Mini ColorCardsA very accurate Oracle using the Vibration of Color. Use the ColorCard Book & Card Set for layouts that help you go deep. Use the Mini ColorCards for Immediate information that shifts your focus (Carry them in your pocket).
ColorCardsColorCardsEmpower Your Life through Color
ColorCards Book OnlyColorCards Book OnlyThis is the book that is part of the ColorCard Book & Card Set. It can be studied on its own or used with the Mini ColorCard Deck.
Colorcards Original SetColorcards Original SetThis was the first version of the Colorcards, a divination oracle set of cards.  This is a simple way to understand the meaning of color and how that affects your life. It's especially helpful to teens and those new to using cards. Spiral bound book to lay open as you lay out the cards. 14 individual color cards.
Colorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsColorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsThis is a simple way to understand the meaning of color and how that affects your life. It's especially helpful to teens and those new to using cards. Spiral bound book to lay open as you lay out the cards. It includes the original ColorCard Book with two additional pages for the additional colors in the updated version. Instead of the original cards, this set includes the Mini ColorCards created at the same time as the newer version.

The chapters are shorter so the whole chapter can be read quickly. The set is very effective and has been a favorite since it was first brought out.

The Mini ColorCards are especially helpful because they tell you whether you are dealing with a lesson or strength. When using them for the Life Purpose Layout, one card can represent the general direction of your Purpose.

Like the newer version, this set helps you to focus on what is happening in a situation in your life, showing you what you are learning from it and what
Course: Luminaries Illuminated Part ICourse: Luminaries Illuminated Part ILuminaries Illuminated offers you a unique experience with each of the Luminaries Cards. There are 2 decks of 12 cards each.  This series is deck 1.Each card builds the energy for the 12 weeks.
Course:Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine and FeminineCourse:Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

Transform your Habits; Embrace your Authenticity

Habits sometimes seem to take over our lives. We often know they are not in our best interest, but changing them seems difficult. This course guides you through a process of discovery, transformation, and a new way of living that offers satisfaction you may never have felt before..

Course:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusCourse:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusUnique, powerful color therapy techniques to bring you back into the flow of life now available through an online course.
E-book What Your Favorite Color MeansE-book What Your Favorite Color MeansEverybody seems to have at least one favorite color.
Often it has been the same color for many years. Do you have a favorite color that has been important for you for a long time?

This e-book is a compilation of 6 articles (6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) that show you what it means if that color is your favorite. It's also interesting to look up someone else's favorite color--your partner, child, friend, co-worker. You can tell a lot about a person by knowing their favorite color.

E-book: Least Favorite Color, What It MeansE-book: Least Favorite Color, What It Means

Are there some colors you have an aversion to? You just don’t want them around.

Most people have at least one color that is their least favorite
Luminaries Mandala Card DeckLuminaries Mandala Card Deck24 round mandala cards of Sacred Geometry Art and a book of Inspired Verse create a high vibrational oracle of transformation. 
Mandala Coloring BookMandala Coloring Book

The Power of Color, mandala coloring book, shows how to use color to increase your energy, bring out your creativity, sooth your emotions, and bring balance to your life.  Using complementary color will give you new insights to shift your energy and transform your life.

Through the simple process of mindful coloring with a set of complementary colors or with the three sets that make up the rainbow, change takes place.  It is subtle and long lasting. It’s fun and transformational for all ages. It brings balance to your life, soothing your body, mind and spirit.

Mini ColorCardsMini ColorCardsSmall carry-in-your-pocket cards for immediate focus to bring balance to any situation you encounter. Complementary colors are noted on each card telling you how to use the colors for balance
Mini ColorCards & ColorCard BookMini ColorCards & ColorCard BookCombine the Mini ColorCards with the ColorCard Book.
Mini ColorCards, Set of 3Mini ColorCards, Set of 3Using a unique layout using 3 sets of Mini ColorCards you can see what strengths you have developed and what you are learning at this time. Then, folow the cards to see how to turn the lessions into strengths.
Opening to a New DayOpening to a New DayStart your day in a balanced and focused way!
Package 2: CrystallinePackage 2: Crystalline
Package of ColorCards plus 3 Mini SetsPackage of ColorCards plus 3 Mini SetsPackage of ColorCards plus 3 Mini ColorCard Sets
Package: Cards Sets Using Color VibrationPackage:  Cards Sets Using Color VibrationSave on this Package Deal of card decks using Color & Sacred Geometry ColorCards Mini ColorCards (3 sets) Luminaries Retail Package $107.40 (includes coaching) You save $42.40
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