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Here's a fun way to learn more about yourself and others through color.  Each color reveals what you need to know to confidently move forward in your life.

Do you wonder how to repair a relationship?  The cards will show you what strength you are forgetting to use or what you need to learn from the relationship.  There are healing exercises to resolve places you are stuck that may be affecting that relationship.  Remember, the only person you can change is you.  If you concentrate on that, everything around you changes!

Do you wonder if you are on track with what's most important in you life?  The ColorCards help you look deeply into your Life Purpose.  You can also find out how to clear away anything that blocks that purpose.

And here's the best part!  You can do all this while having fun.  Each card you turn brings you insight in a way that feels helpful and positive.

This 160 page book and 16 card set helps you understand the meaning of color. You can use this information to choose the clothes you wear, the colors you paint your walls, and what flowers you plant in your garden. Beyond that, this set of cards and book help you look at your life. What are some areas you need address (lessons)? What have you worked at in your life so this quality has now become your strength? This gives you important information to make your life richer and also allows you to shift what you are learning into a new strength in your life.

The 16 colors include: Black, Blue Brown, Gold Green, Indigo, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, Turquoise, Violet, White, and Yellow.  Besides the book and cards, you can sign up to receive Arlene's audio taking you step by step through how to use the ColorCards.  it includes the Mini ColorCards so you may want to get the package listed below or the combinaton of the ColorCard Set and the Mini ColorCards.  Sign up for the free audio.

Have you ever felt confused, wondering why this situation is in your life again? Perhaps there is more for you to learn. ColorCards shows you how to move what you are learning into a new skill.

Do you wonder about the meaning of your life? Is there a purpose you are aware of? ColorCards guides you into greater understanding of your life direction and indicates what strengths you bring to that purpose and what skills you are still honing. This allows to you to focus on what is important.

Here's what people are saying about the ColorCards:

Well, I have to say that I am very enthusiastic about your ColorCards. I gave a reading to a friend over the phone and she was thrilled. "The reading was SO accurate," she said, and that's high praise as she is a superb reader herself. Eleyne

The messages from the colours are wonderful and resonated with what I'm experiencing in my life right now. Especially the message of turquoise and the importance of following my heart to my life purpose. It really connects the need for me to trust in myself and the process and how important it is for me to 'step up to the plate' at this time to create the changes in my life that I desire. I think you had a line in there that talked about 'knowing others may not understand' my choices but backing out would be like 'dying inside'. It is so true in that I know that there is no other option I would rather choose but to move forward.
This is a wonderful little gem!  I shared it with my mother as well. She was quite moved how applicable the messages were to her life experiences right now. Thanks for creating this set and sharing the messages of colour.

I absolutely LOVE the color cards! I did a color card reading this past Saturday at a spa birthday party and the cards were dead on for each person I read. I just did the 3 card layout - strength, lesson and life purpose. I learned a great deal - from noticing patterns, to watching body language to see how right on I was. I had one woman (the birthday girl) almost in tears for how right the message was for her which she was fine and glad she knew what she knew all along to move forward. I think some of these women just needed a nudge and this seems to work. I had one girl, that as I was reading her message I thought I had to be way off - it was talking about sexual abuse as a child, etc. and I asked her if she would like me to stop. She said "NO, that totally happened to me, so please keep going!!!" So, I also learned that what might not seem possible based on the person you are reading, and I would never have known this background on this particular woman since she is so positive and very high positive energy would have had the childhood she did, that we can't judge what the reading says. Jonna

The ColorCards, they are amazing and work really quickly. I have learned and used many healing modalities, but the depth and effectiveness of the ColorCards is just mind boggling. The ColorCards are extremely powerful, but at the same time sooo simple to use!! Eduardo Alarcon 

If you love all things color, go to the link below to buy the color products as a package.
Features Benefits
We are familiar with color! Easy to use.
Variety of color interpretation. New information for various situations
Do Divination Readings for yourself. Guidance can be very personal.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Amazing insightsThe colour cards feel quite magical, giving so much insight and infomation about what's going on for us, simply by chosing colours. And how great to have a tool that bypasses the conscious mind. Written by vicky van Praag on Fri 5 Apr 2013 7:44:12 PM GMT
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