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Divination includes all the many ways we use our intuition or access information from the super conscious.  As humans we are accustomed to using the mind rather than the intuition.  Much like a muscle that has gone unused, intuition sometimes seems vague because we haven’t exercised it.  Your intuition is that gut feeling, that knowing that is a feeling rather than a concrete thought.  Trusting this information seems hard in a world that wants proof.


Divination Cards are like playing cards (which were once a form of tarot cards) that have meaning.  These cards can be ColorCards, Color Wisdom Cards, Angel Cards, Animal Cards or any other kinds of cards that speak to you about how to live life meaningfully.


I find there are some misunderstandings about using divination cards.  Some feel there is something magical about them.  To me, they are like any other way we seek answers from a Divine Source.  This Source can be what we call God, Higher Self, Soul, Angels, or Guides.  There are many ways to communicate.  Divination Cards is one of those ways.  The cards are helpful because they set the mind aside for the moment so that the intuition or super conscious can come through.


Just like you wouldn’t seek important answers from just anyone, it is vital that you set up the parameters for your information gathering with the cards.


 Here is the way I do this.

  1. I always make sure I am clear that I want the highest and clearest information possible.
  2. I focus my questions by intention.  You might say, “I would like to know more about . . .”
  3. As I pick the cards, my attention is focused on my questions.  I pick the cards without looking at them so that my mind is not involved other than to hold the intention and focus.
  4. I have already chosen a layout which best fits my questions, so I am free to choose cards in a clear way.
  5. I turn the cards over, consider what I see immediately, and then read the information in the book provided.
  6. I like to keep notes.
  7. Often I use more than one deck at a time.  I am always pleasantly surprised at how the cards from different decks fit together to create a full answer to my questions.

Remember, when you are picking the cards, you are being guided by your inner knowing.  That’s why the cards are so accurate.  The reading usually confirms what you already know but the information has not surfaced consciously yet.  Even the information that is difficult to acknowledge is often something you had suspected or sensed.


Some people like to know exact dates when something will happen and ask Intuitive Readers of cards to pinpoint events.  The information they share is simply what is true at that moment.  You have choices.  Others have choices.  What was right a moment ago may now have changed.  This doesn’t mean you can’t get accurate information, it just means that time is fluid.  You are creating your life through your thoughts and through your decisions.  Nothing is in stone.  A good intuitive reader will point this out to you.


Use the information in the cards as guidelines, not hard and fast information that doesn’t change.  When given information from the cards or from someone else, ask your heart if it is true.  Trust the answer you receive more than what others tell you.  Your heart is always right.


I created the ColorCards and the Mini ColorCards as fun, simple ways to access information through your intuition.  Each color has meaning so the colors you choose tell you something about your life.  Use that information to inform your decisions. 


The card decks I created also point you toward strengths you have developed and what you are learning through your life experiences.  This guides you away from thinking you are a victim at the mercy of events in your life or the decisions made by others who affect your life.  There is no one to blame.  Your choices need to be about what you truly want, not how you must react to the choices of others.


People ask me how often they should do a reading.  I do readings whenever I feel the inner nudge.  Usually this is when I am not paying attention.  That is why I make it a practice to write every morning.  This is another way to communicate with the Divine and to receive suggested guidance for the day.  In Meditation Tools Made Simple you will find a simple writing exercise that allows you to communicate with Spirit.  You can also use this exercise to receive information from those who have died or someone else’s soul.


When we limit communication to the mind, we see life on a human stage, not the universal landscape that we are all part of.  We tend to think we are connected only to other humans.  This is far from the truth.  Of course, we can choose to limit our information that way, but if we open up to all that is available, life gets easier and more fun.

Raising Your Vibration by Working with Cards
Another set of cards you may enjoy is Luminaries (A round deck of cards with inspired writing by Arlene Arnold & Mandala Art by Lahrinda Eileen)  When you have learned to let go of the drama of life, when you have forgiven yourself and all others who have hurt you, when you understand that you bring to you the persons and experiences in your life, then you may be looking for help to live a new way more easily.  Luminaries has two sets of 12 cards.  You will find the art of the first set in the front inside cover of the book and the second set in the back inside cover.  The first set help you transition from a world of separation and fear.  The second set allows you to feel what it is like to be the vibrations of the new world that is evolving.  For example, growing up you probably learned to do and say loving things.  In the New World you Are Love.  Of course, you always have been Love because that is the stuff from which you come.  However, shedding the beliefs that would keep you from knowing that You Are Love allows you to be that consciously.

Shedding the old beliefs and life patterns means our vibration can become finer and more complex.  When you pick a Luminaries card, you take in the meaning of the art.  This speaks to you within.  This allows your unconscious to understand the changes you are making.  The inspired writing also speaks to you in the new vibration.  Focusing on the art and the inspired writing can be part of your shift into the new vibrations.

Other forms of Divination

Besides cards, there are also pendulums, divining rods called dowsers, runes, and even the Ouija Board that can be used to access information from a divine source.  Each of these tools comes to you free and clear of any positive or negative implications.  It is how you use them that makes the difference.  I discourage seeing them as something mysterious and perhaps dark.  Certainly, entities with less than positive intentions can use these devices to confuse you if you are not clear in our intentions.  It’s up to you.  You are in charge.  Find the tools that appeal to you.  Work with different kinds of divination tools to see what feels most accurate for you.


Other Favorite Card Decks

Here are some of the Card Decks I like to use along with the ColorCards.   You will also find suggested books that will teach you how to use a pendulum, dowser, runes, and other divination tools.

Readers & Counselors 

I also encourage you to call me or others of our Readers and Counselors if you feel you are too unclear to find the answers on your own.  We will teach you how to hear those answers for yourself.  It’s interesting how much easier it is to access your intuition when someone else is focusing on the information along with you.  I also use visualization techniques in my counseling that you can learn to do on your own.  Those who are available to help you on are honest and good at what they do.  They are not here to have you feel they get information faster and better than you do.  They are available to work with you, not for you.

Below are some of our favorite decks.  Try picking a card from several decks.  You will be surprised how the information is similar, yet becomes more complete when seen through different ways to look at it.  Whatever information you receive this way, be sure to ask if this is right for you.  Your inner knowing is your final and most true guidance system!


Here are some other choices from

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Arlene Arnold: ColorCard ReadingsArlene Arnold: ColorCard ReadingsColorCard Readings can pinpoint exactly what is happening for you right now. This isn't about names or specifics times, but rather about you--what strengths of character you have developed that you could be using in this situation or what you set up to learn. You see, you attract situations to you so that you can develop that strength of character. Similar situations will come back again and again until you are finished. The reading can help you see clearly what is going on.
ColorCardsColorCardsEmpower Your Life through Color
ColorCards Book OnlyColorCards Book OnlyThis is the book that is part of the ColorCard Book & Card Set. It can be studied on its own or used with the Mini ColorCard Deck.
Colorcards Original SetColorcards Original SetThis was the first version of the Colorcards, a divination oracle set of cards.  This is a simple way to understand the meaning of color and how that affects your life. It's especially helpful to teens and those new to using cards. Spiral bound book to lay open as you lay out the cards. 14 individual color cards.
Colorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsColorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsThis is a simple way to understand the meaning of color and how that affects your life. It's especially helpful to teens and those new to using cards. Spiral bound book to lay open as you lay out the cards. It includes the original ColorCard Book with two additional pages for the additional colors in the updated version. Instead of the original cards, this set includes the Mini ColorCards created at the same time as the newer version.

The chapters are shorter so the whole chapter can be read quickly. The set is very effective and has been a favorite since it was first brought out.

The Mini ColorCards are especially helpful because they tell you whether you are dealing with a lesson or strength. When using them for the Life Purpose Layout, one card can represent the general direction of your Purpose.

Like the newer version, this set helps you to focus on what is happening in a situation in your life, showing you what you are learning from it and what
Luminaries Mandala Card DeckLuminaries Mandala Card Deck24 round mandala cards of Sacred Geometry Art and a book of Inspired Verse create a high vibrational oracle of transformation. 
Mini ColorCardsMini ColorCardsSmall carry-in-your-pocket cards for immediate focus to bring balance to any situation you encounter. Complementary colors are noted on each card telling you how to use the colors for balance
Mini ColorCards, Set of 3Mini ColorCards, Set of 3Using a unique layout using 3 sets of Mini ColorCards you can see what strengths you have developed and what you are learning at this time. Then, folow the cards to see how to turn the lessions into strengths.
Package: Cards Sets Using Color VibrationPackage:  Cards Sets Using Color VibrationSave on this Package Deal of card decks using Color & Sacred Geometry ColorCards Mini ColorCards (3 sets) Luminaries Retail Package $107.40 (includes coaching) You save $42.40
Package: Color ToolsPackage: Color ToolsThis Package brings you many ways to use color for your healing, balance, releasing stress, and more.  

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