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Divine LoveFrom "No-thing" to Divine Love

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From "No-thing" to Divine Love

From "No-thing" to Divine Love

Much of December 2008 I had felt nothing.  I have had no motivation for my business.  I have felt lonely as if I were alone in the world even though I know that isn’t true.

Then came the day when friends helped me through a major inner transformation.  The energy of my business changed.  Attachments that were no longer useful were released.  Soon I felt lighter, happier, without a need to get things done, just a desire to feel and be present.

I was also reminded of the importance of the vibration of gold.  Here’s the vision that came to me.

Take a deep breath.  Feel yourself relaxing inwardly.
Focus on the eighth chakra above the crown.  From it the vibration of gold shoots down into your heart center.  Immediately, gold light bursts forth from there, out through your physical body, into your outer subtle bodies, and from there out into the world.


As you sense what is happening around the world, you see many golden lights shining bright.  Many are joining in this celebration of Love. 


There are also gold lights that look like fireflies.  These seem to be non-physical beings joining us in spreading the golden light of Divine Love.


Divine Love dissolves our perceptions of lack, aloneness, ineffectiveness, and so much more.  We are opened up to the truth:  We are birthed from Divine Love therefore we are that.


So let us radiate Divine Love for all to remember that we have never been alone.  We are far more than our human selves.  Now is the time to know that and live it.


Blessings to all,


December 2008

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