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Forgiveness Meditation

by  Arlene Arnold

Because the human condition places us in the duality of right and wrong, good and bad, enough and not enough, we carry guilt in our minds, hearts and bodies. In order to relax fully, it is necessary to release this guilt. As we move forward in our transformational process, we may find that guilt is only a perception of the human part of us. From the view of the deeper knowing, this human life is a drama--an interesting portrayal in which to learn. But for now, all parts of us need to experience forgiving and being forgiven.

Breathe deeply several times. Feel your body open to the breath. See yourself in that safe, comfortable place you have created. Breathe into the atmosphere. Breathe into the love. Invite in anyone who would like to join you to help with this meditation. These could be angels, guides, Jesus, your Inner Wisdom, or someone else. Move to a place of stillness inside, knowing that whatever lives outside this comfortable place will be there when you return. In the center of this place is a clearing or open space. 

Ask all those who need to forgive you and all those you need to forgive to join you here. This may include people, animals, things, experiences, whatever feels right. Watch or sense them moving in. Ask them to form a circle around you. Open your heart by breathing into it. Move into love by thinking of someone or something you love deeply--your child, spouse, friend, Jesus, God, flowers, the sunset, the rainbow, whatever moves you to that place of love. 

Fill yourself with this love as you continue to breathe. Allow the love to expand out until it encompasses all those who are in the circle around you. Go to each person asking for forgiveness, receiving forgiveness, and forgiving. Past scenes may come to you. Let the love you are experiencing flow to those scenes. Notice what you learned from each situation or person. Express your gratitude for this learning. 

If you wish, change what happened and feel the energy of a different outcome. Or you may not wish to change anything because of the lesson learned. Move around the circle connecting with each person, animal, thing or situation. Feel the flow of giving and receiving. Hug the person if it feels right. Give this person a gift or receive a gift if this feels right. Know without a doubt that this finishes and releases all regret, all guilt, all sense of abandonment, and all beliefs that have held you back. All is dissolved into love. 

When you have completed the circle, notice how a beautiful light settles over all of you. The Presence of the Source of Love is in your midst. Breathe this into every cell in your body. Allow it to cleanse and heal any memories held in the cells. Notice how each person, animal, thing or experience in the circle is haloed in light. Know that this is how life is in its perfection. You have experienced the Divine that lies at the center of all parts of creation. 

Ask each of these persons, animals, things or situations to merge with you. They are truly reflections of parts of you as seen in others. They are part of your wholeness. When they have all joined you, feel what it is like to experience this wholeness. Express your gratitude for this opportunity to recover separated parts of yourself. Thank all those who were there to help you. Very gently bring yourself back into this moment in time. Move your fingers and toes and when you are fully, present, open your eyes. 

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