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Gift SuggestionsGifts that Keep on Giving

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We live in a throw-away society.  Toasters wear out; shirts go out of style; last year’s computer is replaced by one that is faster and better. 

There are gifts, however, that keep on giving.  These are the ones that change your life.  These are the ones that help you live--really live!

These gifts bring you better health, a clearer mind, a greater sense of purpose, more opportunity for joy in life, and so much more.  Isn’t that what you really want for those you love?

That’s why I decided to create this special page.  I know that what we offer at can be life changing gifts that can keep on giving to the ones you love.

Gift Certificate
Give the ones you love the fun of surfing our web site in order to choose the very best gift that means the most to them.

Package Deals
Give a basket with fun and learning or give each piece in the package to different ones you love.

Color is a powerful tool!  Why do you love that color?  It’s your strength.  Why do you dislike that color and would never pick it for your clothes or home?  It’s your lesson.  Wonder what your life is about?  Lay out the cards.  Read about the possibilities.  Feel which one applies to you.  As you change, the cards you pick change.  Feel how your strengths are growing.  Friends and family will love this fun way to use color with meaning.

Mini ColorCards
The same colors as the boxed set of ColorCards, but these little gems pack so much information in a set of cards you put in your pocket.  If you turn up the card one way, you see what you are learning from whatever you focused on.  Then, look at the center of the card.  It will tell you how to use a complementary color to help you shift your lesson more quickly.  If you turn up the card the other way, you learn what wonderful strength you bring to the situation you have in mind.  This gift helps to keep focused on what is important, without getting caught up in the drama that often runs the game of life.

Bach Flower Music CD Set
Music, like color, is vibration.  Stress and feeling stuck in life causes  energy to be stuck.  Introducing a new vibration such as music can help move that energy.  This can bring the ones you care about to new ways of thinking and feeling.  This CD Set helps them choose the music with the vibration that will help move their energy from stuck to flowing and their thoughts and emotions from stuck to thinking clearly and feeling good!

Art that Transforms
Color and Sacred Geometry combine to create a very complex energy field.  This field changes the energy in the room where the picture hangs.  For the person who spends time with that art, subtle changes and sometimes major changes take place.  Giving a gift of art means giving the opportunity for the one you love to grow through their response to that art.

Whether it is music inspired by the angels or harp music to assist the body to heal and stay healthy, the vibration of sound affects everyone.  Pick the CD that is just right from a variety of wonderful musicians.

Personalized Gifts
From music created with your personal soul note, art that symbolized your own energy at a moment in time to a blend created just for you, these amazing creative persons help your loved ones hear, see, and feel who they are.  These personal creations touch the depth of the soul and assist in the process of inner growth.


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