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Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow ChildrenIndigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children in a New World

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  You may have heard children classified as Indigo children, Crystal children or Rainbow children.  In fact, you may have such children in your family or you may be one yourself.  I have met many grown-up Indigo's who have had a tough time figuring out how to live in this world.  They have never felt like they fit in.  This page is dedicated to helping you connect with others who are Indigo's or who are looking for ways to help their very special children.  Please use the forum as a way to communicate with each other.  Feel free to offer suggests, web sites, books, whatever you have found that can help.

Excerpt from Emerging Earth Angels Concering Autism in Child

Excerpt from Emerging Earth Angels Concering Autism in Child

Taken from the June 4, 2009 "Wings"

Autism Spectrum Disorder

'Now at epidemic proportions, many of our young ones are experiencing this “disorder.” Why? There are many degrees of autism, but generally speaking, this disorder creates a human existence in two realities or dimensions. Our newest arrivals in human form are more highly evolved, and the very newest arrivals are the most evolved, and so forth. The planet as yet, does not match the vibration of these new little ones. As our planet seems to be getting progressively worse while we expand as far as we can to the most extreme degrees of unpleasantness, in order to create the opposite, it can feel like a most dreadful place indeed for our little ones.

Thus, they escape. And they escape to another dimension or world that is most certainly not here. As for the vaccinations creating the disorder:  Introducing lower vibrating energies into a higher vibrating being can only serve to wreak havoc and intensify this situation. So then, the vaccinations exacerbate the situation even more. But know as well, that this is not set in stone. My older grandchildren were vaccinated (ages 5 and 9) and were just fine. And one of our twins has been fine as well. My daughter has ceased with the vaccinations for now for our other baby. Many doctors feel that without the vaccinations, diseases would then run rampant and at least, occur again, and some diseases are doing just that. So what then, is the prognosis?

As this planet begins to finally evolve and change (and it is doing this now), autism spectrum disorder will cease to exist. It will first begin to lessen, and then we will hear that we have identified its cause or perhaps found a treatment, or even have experiences of those embodying it finally being strangely cured somehow. But what is actually occurring here, is that it need no longer exist as the energies that created it will no longer exist. Thus, in near times to come, it will finally diminish and these little ones (and not so little ones too), will no longer be in jeopardy, and will recover as well. They will want to be here…the same as us now really wanting to be here, as this earth is now finally “home.” '

Books about these Special Children and music to help them

Books about these Special Children and music to help them

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