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Inspired WritingInspired Writing

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Inspired Writing is the Divine Breath Flowing through You

Inspired writing comes through your connection to your super conscious.  Intention is very important.  Be very clear that you want the truth from the Highest Source.  Sometimes it is your Soul speaking in you and through you and sometimes it is another Being whom you are allowing through you.  All of this can be Divinely Inspired.

Everyone can tap into the Source of Inspired Writing.  I introduce a method I call Dialogue Journaling in my counseling and workshops.  This is an easy way to move beyond the mind’s fear of anything it doesn’t understand.  You can find this method in Meditation Tools Made Simple.

When I was writing the companion book for the ColorCards, I often felt the words were coming through me rather than from me.  I had done the research and had often experienced the power of the colors, but when it came to choosing what to present, I felt the Divine Other was my inspiration.


Similarly, the companion book for the Luminaries was Inspired Writing.  Lahrinda (the artist of the Luminary Mandala Art) and I sat with each of the Inspired Art Pieces allowing ourselves to feel the meaning that was there for us.  That, along with the information that had often come through to help inspire the art, became the basis for the Luminary Book.


Perhaps the hardest part of Inspired Writing is to allow it, rather than question it.  Many times I have been asked how I know that what I have written is true.  First, what is there is true for me.  Just as each of us may interpret what we experience in day-to-day life, we may also interpret what we receive paranormally. Sometimes what is written strikes such a deep chord that it plays for almost everyone.  Other times the meaning is very personal.  I know when the meaning feels true to me because I experience goose bumps or I feel a warmth in my heart.  Somtimes the truth brings tears of recognition, a remembering of something I know in a very deep part of me.  In other words, it feels good.

 I encourage you to begin writing with the intention to allow your Soul or the Divine to speak through you.  Let go of any expectations.  Just let it flow.  You may be amazed at what comes through. 

Here is some Inspired Writing from others.


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