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Energetic Messages

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Energetic Messages

Do you get messages from your guidance easily or do you have to be hit with a powerful energetic message? Our Inner Guidance sends us energetic messages in answer to our requests. They come in many forms. Sometimes it's what someone says, or something you've read. Other times it's an accident, a loss, or seeming gift such as an opportunity that seems to show up suddenly. 

Recently, I received an energetic message in the form of my overwhelming response to something very simple. My neighbor had planted a hydranga plant between our houses which are very close by and the property line is not clear. The plant began to die so I watered it, fed it, weeded around it, and cut back the dead leaves over the past year and a half. It began to thrive. A couple of days ago there was a note tacked next to the plant, "Please do not cut or trim my hydranga, Thxxx" 
A great wave of anger overwhelmed me. I observed myself go into a righteous defense of all that I had done. I immediately decided I wouldn't water it or take care of it if that was how she felt. I was astounded by the intensity of my feelings and found myself going over and over the matter. At the same sime I was wondering why I was spending so much of my personal life energy over this simple matter. 

Not long ago, I had asked that any unhealthy old patterns that were still hanging around me be made known to me. 
Wheh! This one could not be ignored. 

In Level I of the color therapy, when discomfort draws attention to the body, one of the first questions asked is "Is this mine or someone else's?" Very quickly, I discovered that this intense energy was largely not mine. It had come down through my family lineage. Through a series of techniques found in the Level II course, I discovered the source of the energy and eventually dissolved all that was mine and, with help from my healing team, removed what wasn't mine. In addition, I asked that it be dissolved at a cellular level and then through all appropriate generations in my genetic line. I used the Breathing Color Exercise to rebalance my energy. 

Soon I was back to the me that I know in this time and space. I could see that the message tacked near the plant came from an unhappy person--one who would not meet me directly. I also knew that I could have a conversation with this person and even say that I was sorry if I had upset her by trimming the hydranga. I could ask if she wanted me to continue watering and feeding it or if she would rather do that herself. I could be grateful that she had triggered something in me that had persisted below the surface. I have not done this part yet. I have asked that it would come up easily and effortlessly at the appropriate time. But for me, everything has already changed! 

If you would like help finishing up these final unhealthy patterns, color therapy is simple and effective. We can address it in a phone appointment, or you might consider taking the Level I course. You will be amazed what comes up and how quickly it can dissolve.

Color Therapy Sessions with Arlene

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