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Are You Doing What Your Life is About?

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Are you still wondering if you are doing what you came into this life to do?  Are you staying on track each day so that your energy is focused on your true life direction?  If you are, congratulate your self.  If not, let's talk a bit about how to stay on track.

First, please understand that wherever you are in life at this moment is exactly where you need to be.  Even if you feel like you have taken a side road, as long as you keep asking and looking for answers you will be taken back to the main road.  And, you will find that the side road actually added more to your experience that is of value.

A good friend I have known for years didn't feel like she did anything of value in her life.  Not that she didn't serve in many ways, but she just couldn't really tell if that was her truest service.  She is an artist who loves to draw and paint trees.  One day she told me how she would go to the grocery store and sit in the parking lot admiring the trees, loving them from the deepest place in her heart.  Then, she would go about her shopping.  It took some convincing, but finally she began to understand that an important part of her purpose in this life is to appreciate and thank the trees for all they do for us, including the beauty they provide.  In the scheme of all things, her appreciation of trees is monumental!

Let me tell you the story about my mother.  She will be 94 this year, yet she still drives, walks faster than most people younger than her, accomplishes more in one day than most, and lives up-beat even on her most down days.  Because she plays a lot of bridge each week, she seemed to have some guilt around how she spends her time.  Her concern felt to me like asking the question of her life purpose.  I then told her what I saw.  When someone new comes to the retirement home, she welcomes them and helps them become involved in the activities there.  If someone is have a tough time, she writes a note and puts it on the ledge outside their apartment.  Each week she calls several of my cousins.  These calls connect these women to the mothering they never fully felt in their lives.  When someone is sick in the hospital or has been moved out of the retirement home and into nursing home she visits them.  When they die, she honors their lives at their memorial service.  She assures those family members, who have tried their best to take care of their loved ones, that she and others have seen their devotion and service.  She didn't really understand the significance of all this.  I pointed out to her that these daily activities that she does without thinking of their deeper meaning are her calling-her service to her higher power that she calls God.  She agreed to this service before coming into this life or she would not feel the desire to do them.  Once she understood that each of her activities is her service, she no longer felt guilty.  To the bridge games she brings laughter and positive energy.  To those who work at the retirement home she brings appreciation while others seem to point out all that is wrong.  To those of us that are her family, she embodies how we want to live as we grow older.  Can there be any greater service?

What I'm saying is that your service may already be there.  Whatever you do because you are moved to do it, is your service.  Whenever you walk away from activities feeling jazzed, uplifted and energized, this is your life path.  When I finish a counseling session with a client, I am energized.  When I teach a class, I come away physically tired, but spiritually high with a heart filled with gratitude.  When I write an article, I find that I am saying things in a way that reach me and teach me.  My higher spirit flows through me so that I am given so much in the process!  This is how I know, without a doubt, that these are part of my calling, my purpose, and my service in this life.

So, look at your life.  What are you doing right now?  Does it leave you uplifted?  Do you want more of this in your life?  If not, what is the other side of what you are doing?  For example, if going to your job day after day depresses you, what in this job does not fit who you are?  Remember, finding out what you don't want helps you identify what you do want.  Take what you don't want, cross it out, and then write the opposite.  What do you want instead?  Do this every time something doesn't feel good.  Soon you will have a road map to your purpose.* 

Then, I encourage you to read my downloadable E-book called "How to Change the Default Mode of Living."  This will suggest to you how to stay on track every day.  Here you will learn how to use your energy and vitality for what really matters in your life.

I know you want to feel good about what you are contributing to life or you wouldn't be reading this.  So, keep on trucking!  You are on the right track even when life seems tough and even when you feel like you have taken a side road.  Your intention to be on track with your life purpose will lead you there no matter what!

Many Blessings,

Arlene Arnold
copyright Arlene Arnold 2007


* (This idea came from the book "Law of Attraction" by Michael Lozier.  It is available on our web site in our bookstore under "Attracting Abundance.")

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