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What Are You Manifesting
Every Flowing Abundance by Lahrinda

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What Are You Manifesting?

That is a question I have been asking myself over the past year. I watched the movie “The Secret” over and over, read “Ask and It is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and ordered an e-book on manifesting, yet, my flow of abundance has been up and down. Recently, I have been reading Hick’s new book “Money and the Law of Attraction” which also has a CD as part of it. Finally, I am feeling the flow. What I’m experiencing (orders from my web site, new counseling clients, people signing up for courses) lets me know that I have gotten the point. And, of course, it’s actually quite simple. 

In Hick’s books Abraham has said over and over that you can’t manifest plenty from feeling lack. Feeling lack can come from a number of sources. In my Color Therapy work, I find it comes from the energy of beliefs we have taken on from others, from our Inner Protectors who came to us in a time of need earlier in life, and from fragments of the ego that show up as children at different ages. Each of these holds energy patterns in place that we experience as thoughts or emotions of lack, not enough, not deserving, and so on. 

I found that I would visualize and feel and “see” exactly what I wanted and then, if I paid close attention, an inner voice would whisper, “But what if it doesn’t happen?” That thought quickly erased the good feelings I had about my abundance. 

Any of you who know me, know that I will leave no rock unturned to find the source or cause of patterns within me that get in the way of my flow in life! So, I have been turning over those rocks of energy. I have dealt with energy I have taken on from others, Inner Protectors that are holding me back, and child parts of me that come from fear. That’s what I help others do with the counseling tools and that’s what I do for myself whenever an issue comes up. 

So why was I still feeling that hesitation holding me back following my manifesting visualizations? Recently, I discovered that after all the shifting and dissolving of energy there is still a memory of the pattern that gets left behind. About that same time, I was given a new tool through another practitioner. It’s easy and quick and really works. It will be part of Complementary Color Therapy Level II Course for those you taking it in Spokane. I can also help you with it as part of a phone counseling session if you wish. (For those of you in other countries, I am happy to do counseling via Skype.) 

If you have been working on manifesting all you desire, but are still stuck, I would be happy to help. Sign up for an hour of counseling or call me to talk about what we can do. 360-450-6849. 

Happy manifesting! 

Arlene Arnold 

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