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March 2007 Newsletter ArticleCelebration in the midst of Fluctuating Energies

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Celebration in the midst of Fluctuating Energies 
If you have felt energized at times and exhausted just minutes later, you are experiencing the fluctuating energies of the month of March.  Hang in there!  When I picked a “Luminaries” card for this newsletter, it was “Celebration.”  How can that be when we are still feeling such unsettled energy?  Perhaps it’s letting us know that we are near the end of this upheaval that has been part of shifting and moving into new vibrations. Here’s what I had written for “Celebration.”
Something to Consider

Hear the trumpets declare the wonder of the spheres.  Join the chorus in joyous celebration!  New life bursts forth as the old transforms.  You have done your part.

A Reflection on Celebration

Join the mighty throng of souls welcoming home an anticipated song of joy.  Transformed from seeds of possibility, now radiate your magnificent colors.  As a brilliant flower in full bloom, join others to co-create new octaves of experience.


A Message from Celebration

I am joy as the harvest is reaped.  I am a heavenly chorus declaring it is time!  You have stayed the course.  You have persevered through the darkness.  You have triumphed beyond all expectations.  Sound the gong.  Clash the cymbals.  Celebrate a job well done.

Since I picked this card for this newsletter, I feel that the Universe is letting us know that we are coming into a time of celebration.  Much has been accomplished and soon we will feel the energies settle and smooth out.  So let us begin the celebration NOW!  We are here even as we ride the last of the waves of fluctuating energy.  Pat yourselves on the back.  We have “stayed the course.”  We have held the light in the midst of chaos and even though the outer world still reflects that chaos, we have arrived at a new place in the history and unfolding of the Earth.  Be very observant now as you see what has been hidden being revealed; as you notice that so many are awakening and lifting their heads to see the light.  This is true freedom! 

Arlene Arnold
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