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Meditation-Guided VisualizationMeditation

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What is Meditation?


Meditation can mean something different to each person.  Here are some suggested ways to meditate.

  • Focus on an idea such as love.  Focus on the thought or word consistently for a period of time.
  • Chant a word or phrase over and over until you become that vibration.
  • Listen to Music that transports you into a feeling that you wish to foster.
  • Intend to release all thought in order to experience the Void where there is no mind-thought, only Love which is “All that Is.”
  • Visualize something that takes you into a particular vibration or demonstrates to your unconscious what you desire to experience.

This last form of meditation, visualizing, is what I find most useful for me.  That is why I have recorded visualization CD’s and downloads for you to use. 

If you keep your mind busy visualizing, it doesn’t wander or turn to thoughts you don’t choose to focus on.  You are directing your thoughts through the visualization.  As you imagine the scene, you are there.  You begin to experience the feeling of being there.  Your body responds.  You become relaxed; you see what is there; you hear the sounds around you; you may even smell, taste, and touch what is there.  Because you feel you are present in the scene, the unconscious treats what you are experiencing as real.  It then becomes part of the database of your vibration.


Bach Flower Music is an amazing use of Sound.  Here Al Harris has reproduced the vibrations found in the Bach Flower Essences (A distillation of the essence of real flowers.  Each of these flower essences affects a different emotional vibration) as Music.  As you listen to the Music you are taking on the intended vibration.  This vibration can reorder chaos or disharmony that has become part of you or it can magnetize more of a vibration you wish.  See the Aura Photos taken Before listening to the Music and After listening.   Robert's vibration shows the difference in color and brightness of the colors.

Here are some CD’s you may wish to experience.  Some are guided visualizations and others are music that can take you into a meditative state.


Available in Our Online Store

Harmony through Color: Arlene Arnold

Crystal in the Heart: Arlene Arnold with Music by Dawn-April Williams

The Diamond Grid: Arlene Arnold

Connect & Transform: Arlene Arnold with Music by Jo Sturm

Liquid Gold Meditation:  Arlene Arnold

Bach Flower Music: Al Harris

Divine Harmony: Al Harris

The Healing Power of Music Kit: Al Harris

The Journey Home:  Al Harris

Light Music : Richard Shulman

Sacred Music for Healing Hands II :  Richard Shulman

Light from Assisi :  Richard Shulman

Ascension Harmonics : Richard Shulman

Liquid Silk: Marina Raye

One Heart: Marina Raye & Master Charles Cannon

Shadow Play: Michael Sasnow



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CD Set plus book: Meditation Tools Made SimpleCD Set plus book:  Meditation Tools Made SimpleBook & Guided Visualizations with download of the meditations and Audio Tapes to quiet the mind, open the heart to the truth within, and shift old life patterns.
CD Set: Bach Flower MusicCD Set: Bach Flower MusicMusic in the vibrations of the Bach Flower Remedies to shift emotions and whatever blocks you.
CD: Connect & TransformCD: Connect & TransformA CD with Four visualizations: Relax, Connect to Earth and the Heavens, Meet your Divine Self, and Shift the Protector.
CD:Crystal in the Heart
CD:The Diamond GridCD:The Diamond GridExperience the light grid that holds all things in place. Learn to manifest your desires through the colors and light grid while listening to Arlene Arnols's soothing voice.
Course:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusCourse:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusUnique, powerful color therapy techniques to bring you back into the flow of life now available through an online course.
Download: Chakra Meditation by Dawn SimpsonDownload: Chakra Meditation by Dawn SimpsonHere is a Chakra Healing Meditation that was given from the angels. You may use this to bring your chakras into balance, keep them in balance or to use as part of your meditation practice. Within this meditation you will go to YOUR sacred place, where you will take this healing journey.
Download: Crystal in the HeartDownload: Crystal in the HeartMeditation with music to Experience Higher and Higer Vibrations through the Crystalline Energies
Download: Liquid Gold Meditation MP3Download: Liquid Gold Meditation MP3Arlene Arnold's soothing voice guides you as you imagine liquid gold moving throughout your body to relax to keep you healthy. Feel your tension dissolve. Notice how parts of the body respond as they take in the gold vibration.
Opening to a New DayOpening to a New DayStart your day in a balanced and focused way!
Package: Visualization CD'sPackage: Visualization CD'sSave on this Visualization Meditation Package by Arlene Arnold. Harmony through Color reduces stress and balances all the energy fields (chakras) in the body through Complementary Colors. Crystal in the Heart takes you into higher crystalline vibrations as you see all connections from this level. The Diamond Grid helps you visualize these light connections as the sacred geometry

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