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Newsletter 4-07Arlene Arnold's April 2007 Newsletter Article:  "What in the World is Going On?"

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April 2006 Newsletter Article

What in the World is Going On?

The last few days have been especially difficult because the energies are fluctuating and much grief and unrest is being released.  When I asked what was going on, I saw a wooden barrel with sludge in the bottom of it.  I was led to understand that we are bringing up the last of the really thick, nasty stuff at the bottom of the barrel.  As we do this for ourselves, we are also doing this for the entire planet. 

If you signed up to assist in this process, you are feeling it intensely.  I find it's helpful to know that others are going through similar physical and emotional turmoil.  Mine has appeared as nausea from time to time, headache, body aches, tiredness, and discouragement. 

Then, as I lie down to rest, the crystalline energy comes in so strongly that my whole body vibrates.  Then, I'm ravenously hungry and have a hard time focusing on my projects.  At the end of the day, I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  That's when the discouragement sets in. 

So, I sit down and have a long talk with the part of me that gets frustrated by all the changes, all the discomfort, and the seeming prolonged time it takes to bring projects to fruition.  I remind myself that there is nothing more important right now than staying with the process and holding myself in the higher vibrations with a sense of adventure and a knowing that this too will pass. 

Today the energies seem more settled.  Will this last?  Who knows?  That's the fluidity of our life in these new energies.  We set our intentions, visualizing how they might manifest, and then we come right back here to this very moment, faithfully holding onto what we know even if we have not yet seen it in form. 

And will that form be what we envisioned?  Maybe and maybe not.  But, from a longer view standing on a high precipice and seeing life from a distance, it doesn't matter.  My guidance continually says, "All is Divine Order."  Sometimes I want to throw my notebook at them.  This is Divine Order?  I don't think so.  My body aches and I feel like I'm making little progress.  But, in the longer view, we are doing exactly what is needed--building the vision, holding on knowing that all will be perfect, and then doing what we are prompted to do in this very moment. 

The old way of humanly creating exactly what will be and exactly how it will look are gone.  Change takes place from moment to moment.  For the Luminary, "Vortality," I wrote, "Organically evolving, creatively responsive, playfully present, seekers move with, within, and through vibrations of a changing earth."  That's how these days feel to me.  I was given this writing several years ago and yet now is when I am feeling its truth the most. 

Since the Luminaries emit the vibrations of a crystalline world, this means that we are living in these vibrations now, even though we may be just moving into them.  We are here, in the new world, even when it seems like all hell has broken loose in the outer world.  The vibration of "hell" is part of the sludge we are shifting.  And "hell" can be found in many events and experiences right now.  Can we rise above the sludge while blessing it and dissolving it?  Can we be with the changing energies and changing seasons of earth life?  That's the challenge.

I encourage you to connect with others who are feeling these energies so clearly.  It helps a lot to share experiences.  It also keeps us focused on helping, not adding to the sticky vibrations.

I hope you will consider buying my first e-book, "Ascending with the Crystalline Energy."  Here I share some of what I know about the crystalline energy, how we activate it and how to use it for yourself and others.  This will prod you to look inside and see what you know about this energy.  The more we focus on it, the more we build this amazing crystal vibration.  It's like carrying around the most powerful crystal you have ever found.  It vibrates in your heart constantly and prods you to great heights in your thinking and actions.  This is one way to be a beacon for light in its many dimensions.

You will find the "Luminaries " help to identify the changes that are happening.  The channeled poetry is a bit "out there."  However, it creates unique vibrations that fit the art Lahrinda created.  As you consider the meaning of both, you experience and absorb the vibrations.  Twelve of them are transitional from 3rd dimension to 4th and 5th.  Twelve are in the vibrations of the new world.  They are about "being" while "doing" the next indicated things (as my friend Peggy says.).  We are also offering Package of Crystalline Vibration Products which include the "Luminaries," and the "Crystal in the Heart" and "The Diamond Grid" CD's.

Please sign onto my blog and add your experiences and ideas as we go through this time of change.  I hope can be a place where we meet and remind each other that we are here for a reason and what we are going through is being felt by others who accepted the assignment to begin ascending in vibration before the masses.  Hopefully what we do will make it easier for the rest who will follow.

This became clear as I wrote what came for the Luminary, "Crown."  "It is time!  The preparation is complete!  Will you gratefully accept the crown?  Its halo signifies your inner awakening.  Its brilliance declares the Oneness of All.  Step forward!  Accept the Divine Intention to create in and through a world come of age."

So let us all step forward consciously, supporting and encouraging each other to stay the course even when we sometimes want to throw in the towel.  We are closer than we realize to a time that easier and more flowing than what we have been through.  Together, we can work with the light, building its intensity here in this time and place so that ascension continues as we all envisioned before stepping into these human bodies.

Blessings on your journey,

Arlene Arnold

 © 2007 Arlene Arnold

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