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Opening the HeartOpening the Heart

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Is Your Heart Center Open? 

We want the holidays to be about giving and receiving love. We go into the celebration with anticipation, but often we are disappointed. Either we can’t feel the love that is there or the situation takes us back to a time when we didn’t feel loved.

My yoga instructor often says to lift heart center for certain yoga poses. That means to lift from the chest. We know that the physical heart is in the chest area, but this article is about that non-physical heart. When you focus deep within this non-physical heart, you touch into your soul; so the heart center is also a place that reaches the deepest part of us. This is the place where we can give and receive the essence of Love.

So why is it that many of us have closed our heart centers? I imagine there are many reasons. Mostly they come down to hurt. The hurt comes from being open and vulnerable. Then, someone lets you down or causes you inner pain. The human reaction is to close up as if that will keep the hurt out.

Closing up at the heart center cuts off your ability to receive love. Energetically you have closed off the back of your heart. You may still give love, but the receiver of that love will wonder if the gift is real. The giver of love may feel depleted and blame others for not loving her; but, what’s really happening is that she is giving without receiving. Only when love flows both ways does it feel authentic and freely given.

So if you have been hurt, how do you keep your heart open?

  1. Strengthen the membrane that holds your energy field intact. You can do this by visualizing Gold on the inside of the membrane and Silver on the outside.
  2. Intend that only energy that is in your highest good comes inside of your energy field. That means you do not allow attachments to others (cords of attachment). You do not take on what others think or feel. You allow in love that is without ulterior motives.       (Sometimes it helps to visualize a filter over the back of the heart center that only allows in that which is in your highest 


  1. Be with the part of you that has been hurt.       It may seem as if it is all of you, but in reality it is a piece of you that is stuck at the time of the hurtful incident. Offer compassion to this hurt self.
  2. Clear out any left over energy from the experience that resulted in you being hurt. I like to imagine that a vacuum is brought in that sucks up what energy I am finished with.
  3. Take responsibility for your heart.       Choose when to be most vulnerable.       If you stay aware, you will know what is safe and what is not.
  4. When words could be hurtful, consider the source. Only those operating from fear and their own hurt lash out at others.      
  5. Is there any truth in the words? If there is, make a decision to change that in yourself. If there is no truth to what was said, let it roll off you. The words are about the other person, not you.
  6. Determine that you will not allow another’s painful words or actions to close down your heart center.
  7. Send Love to those around you. Actions of love will follow if they are appropriate.

10.  Give without expecting something back.       If the other person is not grateful, you may feel sad. If you feel angry, you gave with expectations. That is conditional love—love that wants something back.       Unconditional Love is given freely, no strings attached.

11.  This season is about Unconditional Love.  Only when you have examined your heart and the places in you that are stuck and then have done what it takes to bring back your natural flow can your heart open to offer that love that comes through you from a Higher Source.

It is my joy and my calling to be your guide through times when those stuck places keep you from the happiness that is yours. If you feel I am the one to help you, here is the link where you can set up a time for us to meet by phone or in person (near Vancouver, WA).


Many Blessings of the Season,

Arlene Arnold

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