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June 2007 NewsletterA change of Pace/Changingin Your Default Mode

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A change of Pace/Changing Your Default Mode

A change of Pace/Changing Your Default Mode

Arlene Arnold's June Newsletter

A Change of Pace

Summer is upon us. The children are out of school. The weather is getting warmer.

This is a time for a change of pace. But will I give that to myself? As some past summers faded into fall, I realized it was over before I had enjoyed it. That will not happen this year!

Changing your pace takes intention. What would feed your body and soul this summer? What would help you enjoy your family in a different way? How can you best serve your higher reason for being here as you partner with your inner spirit?

We're back to the basic question found in "The Secret." What do you really want? What would your life look like if you created your summer according to what you want most?

Once you know what you want, see it in your mind's eye. Be there already. Feel it. Thank it. Know it.

What is next? If your inner wisdom were prodding you to action that is in alignment with what you just saw, what would you feel yourself doing?

This is part of the process of changing our default mode. (Click below for my new e-book) Will you continue rudderless through the summer or will you take time to decide what you want, envision it, and then do what your intuition tells you is the action to take? Will you continue in the same mode as during the year or will you allow yourself a refreshing change of pace.

What would be refreshing to you? Will habit dictate what your summer will be like or will you decide?

I'm going to discover the many wonderful trails around Vancouver, WA on my new bike. I'm already watching my vegetables grow. I'm going to sit on my back swing and listen to my fountain.

And when I am tempted to go down that old path, I'm going to do what I'm suggesting in my e-book. I'm setting the default mode for my life. I'm not leaving it to habit.

I encourage you to join me.

Blessings and May your Summer be Spectacular (as only you can determine.),

How to Change Your Default Mode

Upcoming Events

-Aura Photos & Readings with Arlene at Vision Quest in Everett, WA June 16 from 10-5

-Health Fair in Tacoma, WA June 23 from 12-4 Come for Arlene's presentation "Breathing Color for Vibrant Health" at 3pm.

-Healing Group in Vancouver, WA Monday, June 25

-Aura Photos & Readings with Arlene at Crystal Voyage in Tacoma, WA July 7 & 8 from 12-5

Please check details by clicking the link below.


Help from Tree Frog Farm

Homo Luminis

Years ago I saw an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation about a species that was undergoing a transformational leap. A person of that species was found adrift in space with amnesia. Curiously, he had unexplainable symptoms like waves of pain, energy bursting uncontrollably from his body and extraordinarily fast cell mytosis. During the course of the show, as his symptoms grew more intense, he finally remembered who he was and what was happening. At the end, he completely transformed into a being of light – a grid of light in the shape of a person.

Inka elders say that Homo sapiens are evolving into Homo luminis. From my experience, I would agree. We humans are undergoing a rapid transformation much like the person of light. I believe it is as radical a transformation as fish evolving into amphibians. And our evolutionary process is happening within lifetimes as well as between generations. Sometimes I feel much like the person in the Star Trek show. I have experienced – along with some of my clients and friends - inexplicable flu-like symptoms including body aches, headaches or digestive distress, unexplained heat coursing through the body, a sense of the nervous system "shattering", or a sense of the body losing cohesion like the cells could fly apart at any moment. Thankfully, we have Red-Osier Dogwood Flower Essence as an ally.

For the rest of the article go to

To learn more about Red-Osier & order it

New E-Book! "The Observer"

What if you could change the belief systems that limit and control your creative potential in life? What if you could let go of those voices that judge you and then in turn judge others.

If we continually see life in limitations we quickly take our place among the helpless victims who believe that they have no choice, that life is hard work and nothing but a struggle. On the other hand there are those who can see joy in every day, waiting for the next discovery and a reason to play. Where do you want to live; in the center of discovering life or always trying to re-cover from it?

What happens to us? Where do we lose sight of the adventure and the discovery?

Sometimes the chaos gets to be so overwhelming that the journey comes to a screeching halt and the keeper of "helplessness" steps forward and assures you that life has no purpose and you are the victim of its whim.

At this point you have been given an opportunity to make a change. By investing some time to discover new ways of looking at your life, change is possible.

This is where you can shift from the limitations of your emotional baggage and go forward with the power to live life in discovery.

Step by step, Peggy Smith, author of "The Observer," shows you how.

There are only three basic elements in all efforts to make a change in your life. One is to realize you desire change, next is the dedication to look for how you can change, and the third is to take action. Peggy shows you how you can take action in your life. Once you understand the basic principles for working with "The Observer" you can apply to every part of your life.

Knowledge and understanding plus action are the ingredients for life lived intentionally according to what you desire. For just $4 you can find out what it takes to make that change.

Wouldn't right now be the best time to get started?

The Observer

New E-Book! "How to Change Your Default Mode of Living"

Living Life the Easy Way!
by Arlene Arnold

Do you sometimes find you have arrived at a location, but you don't remember driving there? Your attention was elsewhere in your thoughts, yet your memory took you through the motions.

I sometimes find this disturbing. I do not remember the drive. It is as if I was elsewhere. I can even feel a bit disoriented as I look around to see where I am. It's as if I have been under a spell, as if something else was in control.

Life can be like that. Knee jerk reactions to situations are predictable. Just as fast as you would pull your hand off a hot stove, you react to something disturbing. The pattern has been set. You react with the same emotions and the same thoughts every time—different people, different situations but the same reaction. To re-act is to act again—to act in the same manner as before, to replay the same patterns.

I call this our "default mode." For those of you who work with computers, you set a default mode for what program will handle what job; for what information will be used; for what order files will be shown to you.

The default mode you have set will come up the same way every time unless you change it to a new default mode. You have the ability to change what happens if you take the time to let the computer know what you want.

That same opportunity is available in life. If you don't like your knee jerk reactions or they don't give you what you need, you can change them. You just have to be willing to pay attention to the mode your reactions are set in, decide what you want instead, tell your unconscious what you want, and then ask for some help to make the changes.

So how exactly does that work and what benefits can come from changing the default mode of operation in life? That's what this e-book is about.

How to Change Your Defualt Mode of Living

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A Change of Pace
Upcoming Events
Help from Tree Frog Farm
New E-Book! "The Observer"
New E-Book! "How to Change Your Default Mode of Living"
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E-book "The Observer"
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