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Newsletter 10-07Are You Stepping Up to the Plate?

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Are You Stepping Up to the Plate?       Batter boy          

Since I couldn’t go back to sleep one morning last week morning, I was up early.  I walked down to a local restaurant to have some breakfast.  The moon beamed from high above and the stars were really bright, especially one particular one.  There were no clouds so the air was crisp and clear.  What a silent gift!

 In those moments, everything seemed so right with world and yet there are still wild fires burning in California and a war in Iraq.  How do we reconcile these sacred moments with a world that is experiencing the consequences of the ravages of humans and that is still operating in an old mode?

 But the fact is that things are changing. 

 Have you noticed how all the lies are surfacing?  Deceit is being exposed.  Government officials are finding it harder and harder to freely maneuver behind their lies. What once might have been glossed over is now being exposed to the light.  The world must learn to stand in all its naked truth no matter how uncomfortable!

 And this is happening around the world.

 On Oprah the other day Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla told about his personal journey to finally openly declare that he is gay.

 “Prince Manvendra knew if he told the world he was gay, it could cost him the throne and his freedom. In India, homosexual acts are illegal and punishable by 10 years to life in prison.
Still, the prince was determined to reveal his truth. "Telling the truth, I will never regret," he says.” (

 So what does that have to do with you and me?  Are we standing in our truth or are we hiding our intuitive gifts; are we shying away from all we have to offer.  Or, perhaps there is fear accumulated through many life times that believes it is dangerous to be as spiritually powerful as we are.

 Are we acknowledging the amazing spiritual experiences (and physical experiences) that are happening to us?

 That time of staying in the background has come to an end.  We are all being called to step forward.  And the more we do this in solidarity, the more we can be supported as the changes come.

 I want to share Evi Stratton’s experience with you.  She and I marvel at the amazing way the Universe connected us up.  She and her daughter happened to stop into a Psychic Fair where my friend Merina was taking my place in my booth doing aura photos.  Neither Evi nor her daughter had ever been to a Psychic Fair.  With her permission, here’s what Evi wrote to me in an e-mail.

 Hi Arlene,

My daughter and I attended the spirituality gathering in Tacoma several months ago.  I don’t remember the name of the business, but it was on a corner and on a second floor.  We met and spoke with many people, including Peggy Smith and your replacement for the day.  I had my Aura picture taken, which shows me surrounded by light with a dark purple over the top of me. She said I was an Indigo child.

I have had something happen to me, and perhaps you can guide me to where I need to be.  I have had several losses lately in my life.  My son just got married to an Aussie and will be living in Australia for a few years.  He is my baby and I am very close to him.  He is only 20.  I did fly there for the wedding, and then 5 days after I got back I lost my best friend, my horse of 37 years.  I’ve had her since I was a teen.  Life has been painful so I increased my praying.  I made myself busy (I don’t have a job) painting several rooms in my house, carpet cleaning, gardening, anything to keep my mind busy.  This last Friday during the wind storm we lost power in the middle of the night.  I always sleep with “white noise”, a fan, so I woke up immediately when it shut off.  My husband also couldn’t sleep, so he got up early and went to work, leaving me in a dark, quiet house.  I think I dosed off, when I heard someone call my name.  I thought my husband had come back.  I got up and looked around, but all the doors were locked and the house was quiet.  I went into my son’s old room where I now have my computer room to look out the window.  I wanted to see how far the outage was, as I was on the second floor and could see quite a distance.  I had put my candle down in front of a picture of me and my horse, and another picture of my son, and began crying.  I cried and cried, for at least half an hour.  The next thing I know, I heard my name again, and looked up to see a young man standing in the room.  I have gone over and over this, and must admit that it is possible that I had cried myself back to sleep, and I was having a waking dream.  I don’t know.  All I know is he told me he was an angel, and he was there to help me.  He told me many things; the most important is that he wants me to write a book about a certain subject. (I am a fiction writer and have published 5 novels)  I won’t go into the details of that to keep this short.  Then he reached out and took my hand.  I blacked out and the next thing I know is I awoke in my bed when the power came back on.  When I got up, I thought I had had a very vivid dream, until I saw myself.  I had gotten smaller.  I ran downstairs to weigh myself, and discovered I weighed 20 pounds less.  The next thing I noticed is that I could read the scale numbers without my glasses.  I ran to the table to glance at a newspaper, and could read!  I believe the angel made me younger.  My face looks different, and I swear my hair is thicker.  I waited until it was light out, and went to see my pastor.  I don’t think he believed me, and he told me to keep this quiet because people will think I’m crazy.  I asked him about the physical evidence, and he dismissed it.  He said no one will notice.  Well, he’s wrong, people are noticing, and I’m just saying, “Yes, I have lost weight, thank you”.  One friend Sunday night was incredulous.  He more or less said, “Evi, you look great!  Have you lost a bunch of weight?”  I said “yes, thank you”, and he went on to say, “Wow, I didn’t notice you losing, but it’s like all of a sudden! And you look younger!  Your face is different.”  I just stood there and kept saying thank you, but this wants to burst out of me.  Is there someone I can talk to who won’t dismiss me as nuts?  I wish you could see my aura picture.  Your substitute said it looks like I have two guiding spirits around me.

I appreciate any help and guidance you can give me.

Evi Stratton

(For more information about Evi and her daughter’s journey go to

 Evi was told by the angel that she is to write a book to help people become aware of what needs to happen to save the earth from extinction.  She has already started to write it.

 Evi’s story will soon be the norm.  More and more many will be experiencing amazing changes in themselves and others.  They will suddenly feel they are to do something out of the ordinary for them.  They will be able to see things and know things in ways they hadn’t before.

 You and I need to be ready to help.  Fortunately, Evi had gone to a Christian counselor she knew and he assured her that what had happened was not psychotic.  I e-mailed her telling her she wasn’t crazy.

 Many times at the health fairs and psychic fairs people come up to me asking about experiences they are having.  They are truly concerned they are going crazy. 

 So many people are awakening to their True Selves and it is happening so fast that they don’t know how to fit these experiences into something that seems sane.

 That’s where we come in.  If you are one who has been navigating this metaphysical world for lo these many years, be available to those just waking up.  Step forward and write that book or that music or be willing to use your gifts in a more public way.  Show the world that there are so many more dimensions of reality than the physical world we can touch and measure.  Boldly be that light that shows the way for others.  There is no need for this to be a scary ride.  In fact, it’s such an amazing, intriguing, multi-faceted way to live, I can’t imagine living a life that is “normal.”

 Many Blessings,

Arlene Arnold  

PS  As a result of thinking about this, I have decided to write a regular blog of the many experiences I am having.  I hope you will join me and let me know what is happening to you.  Click Here

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