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Possibilities2008:  A #1 Year of Possibilities

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2008:  A #1 Year of Possiblities

2008: A #1 Year of Possiblities


As we bring 2007 to a close, take time to notice all the ways you have grown and how much you have learned.  Even if you still feel you are in the process of shifting, congratulate yourself for being in  process.  Pay attention to how much better you are at observing your life, not just sloshing through the emotions without a compass.

That’s what 2007 was about.  It has been a 9 year(Add 2 +7 of 2007)—a year to finish what we started.  This has been a year to look at old stuff one more time.  This has been an opportunity to dissolve old patterns all the way down to the cellular level.

All of this is preparation for 2008(Add 2+8=10,1+0=1)—a 1 year.  This is a year of new beginnings and new projects.  These projects may have been on the drawing board in your mind for a long time.  For example, many of you are again feeling drawn to open healing centers or retreat places of healing.  It’s as if there had been a time for healing centers and retreat places some years ago, but things just didn’t fall into place.  Now is the time to reclaim that dream.

More and more we want to do our work in groups, not by ourselves.  This is the time revive those ideas that have lain dormant and work with others to bring them into place.

More and more we are being guided to broaden our approach to our spiritual work in order to draw in folks who are just awakening or have been standing on the side lines.  Thus psychic fairs are becoming health fairs or living life expos.  Readings are less about speaking as an oracle and more about guiding others to find their inner truth.

It seems to me that all of this is part of the preparation for a changed world.  We have to release resistance, clear up places we are stuck, and shift into a heartfelt awareness that we are the ones who choose what comes to us.  Often, I remind counseling clients that whatever energy message is in their energy field acts as a magnet, drawing to them similar experiences and people with similar issues or strengths.  Like magic, when they clear up their own energy, the world they live in changes.  What they see and experience seems to change.  They see life through new eyes, with a new perspective.  Others don’t even attempt to treat them like they did before because unconsciously others know their energy has changed.

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail I received.  It was in response to the Mini ColorCard Reading I had done for R.S.  It demonstrates what happens when we shift our way of looking at a situation:

“It was,.... weird. Like an ah-ha! moment. Even though, it wasn't a full reading, what you wrote nailed the situation in front of me that I was not seeing. Everything in my head started shifting around, and falling into place(in a make sense sort of way). . .

I think I see now, why this has been the worst six months of my life separated from my wife, whom I love and miss very much. Also, nothing seems to have changed in these past months, but now I understand I need to do a lot of work instead of wondering and hoping if my wife will want me back.Your reading was more accurate than any other of the tarot sites.


Thank you for your time, it is very much appreciated.”

R.S. began the process of transformation by seeing his life from a new view point.  That alone will begin to shift the energy in his field.  He will find that he is less stuck than he was.  Opportunities he might have missed will be obvious to him.  He is ready to live a different kind of life because he has found the courage to see that he has some work to do in order for it to change!

Clearing your energy field and dissolving old patterns is necessary to become more fluid.  Flowing, allowing, observing, sharing, feeling, being:  These are the ways of this new world.  As your vibration becomes finer and lighter, you are better able to be the essence of your soul energy.  You demonstrate this essence in your life: in your activities, work, relationships, and how you treat yourself. 

On the other hand, we know that many are resisting the changes taking place.  They don’t want to change or they don’t know how to change or they don’t know why they need to change.  Earth is changing, so choices are narrowing.  Either people change with the earth or they choose to leave.  Many will be leaving to continue their third dimensional experience some place else or they have simply finished what they came here to do.  This is always hard for those left behind. 

Others will fight tooth and nail for as long as possible to keep control of what happens on earth.  We see this clearly in governments, big business, and even churches and educational institutions.  But, in the end, their control will melt away as individuals break the spell of thoughtless follow-the-leader patterns and begin to insist that everyone have a chance to breathe freely and experience the earth as they choose.

My job, and perhaps yours, is to be as bright a light as possible—to embody the true self that I am.  I am, after all, a Being in Human Form.  How much of my being can I express?   How close can I come to living here as the essence of my being? 

Sure there are still moments of lapsing into old patterns, but they are only moments.  Very quickly I remember that this is an old pattern—one that I have chosen to release and replace.  More and more often I am learning to speak clearly from the heart and as I allow others to help me, I reach that clarity faster.

We are here to help as others awaken.  Compassion (the color magenta) is the order of the day.  The vision I was given for the compassion of Magenta was this:  Imagine the worst day of your life.  Behind you stands a beautiful arch angel with its wings spread wide.  This angel radiates Love so that it surrounds you like a warm breeze.  Periodically it leans down and says, “You can do it!  You have everything it takes.  I am here with you.”  You and I are being called to be arch angels of compassion--the energy of Love in human form.  We are not to “save” anyone or even tell them how to do it.  We are here to hold a place of Love for them and believe in them, knowing they have a soul who is available to guide them as they will allow.

So whether you have been on this journey for a long time or you are just starting out, you are not alone.  If you are still feeling stuck, there are many of us here to help.  If you want to give up, reach out for help.  It is always available in human and beyond-human form.  Congratulate yourself every step of the way.  Human life is tough!  It takes courage and the willingness to ask for help.  You can do this.  It’s why you chose to be here.  Celebrate each part of it whether easy or hard.  The experience is the purpose and every experience counts!!

Many Blessings of the New Year,

Arlene Arnold

PS  Color Therapy is a simple and very effect tool to shift stuck energy and old patterns.  Contact me to see if this can help you move forward.

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