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Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves

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Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves

Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves

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Dear Fellow Seekers

I am so glad we are on this amazing Earth ride together. It is not always easy, nor comfortable, but it is certainly worth it! 

Remember that 12/12 is very significant this month. I am told it is also a full moon. 

Last week I did a reading for myself, as I do most mornings. I like to use a variety of cards (including my own “ColorCards and Luminaries”). One of my favorite sets is “The Mayan Oracle.” That day I picked “Realm Shift.” I offer it's wisdom to you as well. It talks about making room for miracles and expanded realities. It suggests we are taking a quantum leap into seeing the universe as a hologram of oneness which is interwoven with possibilities that we can draw into our energetic fields now. It recommends that we see life as fluid, with no fixed beliefs. 

I also picked “Dawning” from the “Luminaries.” I worked with the question at the end of "Dawning's" chapter. Ask yourself this, “If I could see through what is unclear, what would be there?” I saw total support, limitless possibilities, joy, and satisfaction. 

I can feel that. I can now hold that focus without effort. It seems to me that this is part of the Great Shift in the energy. I hope you are feeling it too! 

Recently I opened an e-mail written by Celia Finn who channels Archangel Michael. Here’s part of what he said, “Beloved Lightworkers, as you enter into this month of December, you feel the Expansion of light and Love on your Planet! At this time, you are experiencing a Quantum Shift in Consciousness, preparing yourselves for the New Adventure and the new tasks that lie ahead in the Coming Year of 2009.” 

So as we go into this December Shift, hear what the Luminary “Attunement” has to say, “Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves, tuning to anew song. With a heart now freed and expanded, join the chorus that radiates compassion and understanding. Ride the wave of change with ease. 
Feel the wave. Join the wave. Become the Wave.” 

Let’s ride that wave together! Together we are allowing higher and higher vibrations. Together we are allowing in more light and more love. Together we are intending that this world support the highest human possibilities. For this and so much more I honor your work whether it is directly spiritual or indirectly changing the world. I honor your commitment to living the truth of your soul as much as possible. I honor your fortitude to stay with the process. Above all, remember you are not alone! 

Have a wonderful time with your birth family or your chosen family! 

Blessings on you and yours in this special time of year and during this time of change,


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