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Are You Ready to be a New Human?

Are You Ready to be a New Human?

Are You Ready to be a New Human?

I’m not sure we ever feel ready, but we are being nudged, encouraged, and even pushed in that direction.  I just spent two weeks sick.  I never get sick!  Of course, it was a time of great transformation.  Things I thought I had resolved, dissolved, and shifted in my energy field came back one more time.  Mostly what was there was either not mine or was like a hologram of what had been there.  It seems that we have to finish up whatever is left, even if it seems like a far away memory.  It is still there at a cellular level and needs to be dissolved.

So what do we do to be ready for this new way of being?  We finish the old and embrace the new. 

Seems simple enough.  But, let’s take this a step further.  What is the old stuff that needs to be finished?  The old is anything you are still attached to or anything that is attached to you.  You are fully and completely responsible for what is in your energy field.

Attachments show up as body discomfort and pain, emotional upset, thoughts that keep coming up, and confusion about the meaning of life.  All healing modalities address these issues.  Of course, I’m partial to Color Therapy, mostly because it is fast, simple, and really works.  However, I take advantage of other modalities as well when needed.

Here are the tools on that will help you finish the old:

Meditation Tools Made Simple


ColorCard Readings

Bach Flower Music

Water Imprints

The Observer E-book

Harmony through Color CD

Complementary Color Art

Color Energy Bags

Color Therapy Sessions

Complementary Color Therapy Course & Training

Now, about becoming a New Human.  As you finish the old, your vibration becomes finer and more subtle.  Your psychic gifts come forward.  You see life as a compassionate observer while still participating fully in life.  You make choices about how you spend your time and with whom.

Here are some tools that will help the process:


Luminary Art

Crystal in the Heart CD

Diamond Grid CD

Ascending with the Crystalline Energy E-book

It’s as if we still have one foot in the old world and one in the new.  Sometimes we are finishing old attachments and sometimes we are opening to a new freedom of flow.  The trick is to pay attention to whatever is coming forward.


1-Give yourself quiet spaces to listen to that inner voice of wisdom. 

2-Open yourself to information and experiences that help you navigate the process with ease. 

3-Cultivate friendships with others on a similar path. 

Above all, don’t get discouraged when things don’t seem clear.  Just take the next indicated step. 


Arlene Arnold

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