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Gift SuggestionsGift SuggestionsWe live in a throw-away society. Toasters wear out; shirts go out of style; last year’s computer is replaced by one that is faster and better. There are gifts, however, that keep on giving. These are the ones that change your life. These are the ones that help you live--really live! These gifts bring you better health, a clearer mind, a greater sense of purpose, more opportunity for joy in life, and so much more. Isn’t that what you really want for those you love?
Articles & Interviews
TeleseminarsTeleseminarsSimple ideas and techniques to shift toxic energy and lack of motion in life to the flow of abundance and vitality.
Transformational InfoHere is transformational information that may help you in many areas of personal growth.
Personal DevelopmentPersonal DevelopmentLife has taught you a great deal. Now you have the opportunity to consciously choose what part of yourself you would like to develop. Do you choose better health, greater emotional stability, manifesting what you most desire, spiritual gowth? Where you life goes next is up to you!
Personalized ProductsPersonalized ProductsCreated personally for you, these products assist your body, mind & spirit to thrive. You will find products using music, art, and vibrational essences.
Meditation-Guided VisualizationMeditation-Guided VisualizationQuieting the mind in order to go deeper into the self is what Meditation is all about. Guided Visualization helps to focus the mind.
Inspired WritingInspired WritingEveryone can tap into a deep place inside where truth resides. Allowing this truth to write through you is truly inspiring and often amazing.
Treat YourselfTaking care of yourself means taking time for you, using products that feel good and help you feel good. Browse our many products to delight and sooth you. Treat Yourself, You're Worth It!
Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow ChildrenIndigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children
Art & Sacred GeometryArt & Sacred GeometryWhen the vibration of color is combined with sacred geometry a new, more complex vibration is created. Layers and layers of meaning are combined to create a new context of experience. This is art. Art is an expression of life that contains meaning. The meaning is passed to another, not through words, but through the visual experience
Sound & Music TherapySound & Music TherapyLearn how sound can heal by shifting your emotions and even your vibrational field. Music can take you deep into meditation.
Downloadable eBooks
Aura PhotosAura PhotosThe brightness, location in the picture, and meanings of the colors that show up in an Aura Photo tell a great deal about you. Balance in your life, your desired life purpose, what is transforming in your life: all of these are seen in an Aura Photo. Using a ColorCards Layout along with the Aura Photo gives you even more accurate information.
Health and WellbeingHealth and WellbeingWays to stay healthy through alkaline water and healthy exercise.
DivinationDivinationA helpful Divination System will you trust your own intuitive inner guidance. Divining includes all the many ways we access deeper information from a sacred source.
Discontinued & Close Out SpecialsHuge discounts on products that are discontinued. CD's, books, divination oracles, meditation sets
New Age Online StoresNew Age Online StoresVisit these metaphysical online stores with products for you spiritual growth and well being.
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