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Personalized Tools 

Personal Symbalas
created by Mandala Artist Lahrinda Eileen

using your numerology and energetic imprint.  Experience your life at this moment through layers and layers of color and sacred geometry. 

See Arlene’s story through Personal Symbalas created over several years. 

As you can see by the pictures below, Lahrinda has created four different Personal Symbalas for me over the last three years. 

I resisted the red in the first symbala as I had been told all my life I was ‘too much.’  Eventually, I was able to own it as the passion for my life and work, and the starter energy for projects. 

The second Personal Symbala showed me my feminine energy and the third the combination of the empowered feminine and masculine within me.  

The 4th Personal Symbala is quite different from the other three.  However, if you look closely at the center of the 1st and 3rd Symbalas, you will see four folded-in leaves.  In the recent Symbala, the leaves have opened up revealing a complex configuration of sacred geometry with propellers that are ready to whirl me into new experiences.  Just now I am feeling that whirl and seeing the visions I have held for so long manifesting.”Arlene Arnold 

The most recent Personal Symbala shows Arlene's work with complementary colors.  Notice too that there seem to be people all around.  As she trains more practitioners and trainers, this work spreads and becomes like leaves falling in many new places.

Arlene's Current symbala

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