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Vibrational Essence Blends

Vibrational Essence Blends


We have often said on this web site that everything is energy.  Each kind of flower, herb, or plant has a specific vibration.  These vibrations are set up to assist humans to stay balanced and healthy.   

When these flowers and other vegetation are given the chance they will offer their vibration to humans.  Sometimes that is through smell or sometimes through taste.  They can also be used to imprint their vibration in water or another carrier liquid which allows their essence (their unique vibrational signature) to become liquid.   

These liquids can be mixed with other essences much like the vibrations of colors can be mixed for a particular effect.   

These liquids can also be charged with the vibration of stones and crystals because they too have particular vibrations that can assist humans physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Because thoughts are vibrations, intentional thoughts can also charge liquid essence.  Color, art, sacred geometry, emotions, and even asking divine beings to lend their supportive energies can charge these liquids. 

Those who feel called to create blends of vibrations are alchemists.  Intuitively they bring together vibrations that will support and adjust your personal vibration. 

As always, your responsibility is to ask your heart and your intuitive brain if the blend is what you need.  You can also sense and feel if the alchemist had her best intentions when creating the blend.

Perhaps you will choose to create blends for yourself.  Some of you may have done that in past lives so it seems familiar.  For others, like me, we prefer to leave that to the alchemists. 

Diana Pepper from Tree Frog Farm explains how the essences help us:

“ . . . But when the circuits in our electrical system are stressed from the learning opportunities of our daily life, they can sometimes overload, short-circuit or shut down. The places where the electrical flow has been broken become cut off from the life force energy needed to maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance, often leading to illness.

When flower essences are used, they reconnect the broken circuits. Thus they address the causes beneath the symptoms, in a non-invasive, subtle, yet powerful way. . . .

Smokeless Sacred Sage Spray
This is one of our most popular items.  It clears a room immediately.  The room and you feel lighter.  Learn more about it Here.

Personalized Essence 

Renata Dunkle works with you to create a Vibrational Essence Blend that works with your body and soul at this moment in time for you highest good.  The most recent one she created for me is “Joy.”

Check out her process or schedule a session with her now!  

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