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Newsletter, August 2005

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Newsletter August 2005

Empowerment through Connection

I have heard stories from many the last few weeks that make me sad.  We are in Mercury retrograde.  That means that whatever we didn’t finish is coming back into this present moment to be re-experienced in hopes that this time we will put it to rest.

The stories are about our powerlessness.  Do you find yourself and others telling these stories?  Are you wanting others to know how hard life is for you?  Are you blaming others for your misfortune or saying that you can’t help what is happening in your life?  If so, you have adopted the position of the victim.

Powerlessness comes when we allow life’s chosen experiences to make us weaker instead of becoming stronger.  Many will turn to the age-old patterns of fighting back as a way of becoming stronger.  Imagine you are part of the pack that is running through life.  As long as you stay in the front you are considered a leader.  As soon as you become weak and linger at the back of the pack, others will take pot shots at you.  This is a form of survival of the fittest.  In your weakened condition you could snap at others, blame them, become angry at them and weaken yourself even further; or you could move your energy inward to find a deeper strength.  From there your energy would not leak out through non-productive victim responses.  Instead, you would find a soul deep determination to live from your strengths.  Bit by bit you would move forward in the pack, not because you were focused on moving forward, but because that inner focus allowed you to regain your strength.  I call this empowerment.

Here’s how I see that inner focus.  When your attention is taken outward, you spread yourself thin trying so hard to fit in, trying so hard to matter, trying so hard to make life make sense or just trying to survive. 

When your attention goes soul deep, you reach a place of connection.  I find that connection in the heart.  I see a shaft of light that connects through my heart.  It goes up from my heart through the top of my head reaching the Central Suns, not just the sun of this universe, but the very heart of the Divine Creative Energy.  It reaches from my heart down through the end of my spine into the center of the earth where it connects with the crystalline heart of the earth.  The light then reaches out through my arms and out through the front and back of my heart to all those around me.  The more I focus on this shaft of light, the more solidly connected my energy becomes.  The more I feel the connection, the stronger I feel.  I find a greater clarity in my thought and actions.  This kind of strength combines the best of me as a human and the best of me as a divine being; it combines body and soul in creative, meaningful action. 

When you step into this kind of strength, others sense this.  They wouldn’t even consider taking pot shots at you, not because they are afraid of you, but because they sense that inner power, that inner connection.  There is recognition that takes place.  Their soul and your soul connect. 

Some may still try to weaken your power through talking behind your back or minimizing who you are.  They too recognize the power.  For you the energy of  “woe is me” is gone.  Questioning your abilities is gone.  Thinking that you get in your own way is gone.  What remains is the strength you didn’t know you had, a clarity that goes beyond thought, a caring for yourself and others that comes through you not from you.  You see those who would put you down for the fearful ones they are.  You feel compassion for their struggle.  That is empowerment.

Oh, there may be something that causes you to stumble.  You may drop back in the herd for a time.  You may even fall into old patterns.  Stop!  See what you are doing even in subtle ways.  Turn inward.  Find that place of connection.  Focus there.  Breathe into that place of empowerment.  Regain your strength and a new perspective from there.  Have compassion for yourself and others as you realign with the mighty power of the universe and the amazing accomplishments of the divine/human connection.  Ask for help from angels, from your Higher Self, from God when old thoughts dominate.  Imagine those thoughts have been captured on a tape that keeps replaying.  Stop the tape.  Imagine you are erasing what is there.  Then, place it on record and allow that deeper self to record a new program of empowerment that will play over and over until you feel it has reached your cell memory.  Then, it becomes an automatic response. 

You can’t un-experience empowerment.  The knowing of how it feels to be empowered has been imprinted in your cells.  It doesn’t go away.  Even if you choose to stay in the old pattern for a while, you know deep down that there is another way.  This time it is easier to choose to focus in your center and find the connection.  From there, you see the truth of what allowed you to stumble.  From there, you know you can choose the path of your deepest desires, the way of the soul.  That is living empowerment.

This is what you came into life for.  You have likely experienced the ups and downs.  You have been the victim and the victimizer.  You can be done with that!  Now, the final test is for mastery.  Will you choose to live as an empowered being in human clothing?  Will you claim the place that is yours in this time of change?  It is a choice.  Making the choice takes courage; courage to step up and be all that you can be.  Empowerment is  mastery work completed in the third dimension!  It is yours for the choosing.



Many thanks to others who shared their stories and their ways of understanding empowerment that made this article possible.

© Arlene Arnold 2005


If you would like help  experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  We can accomplish a lot in a short time when we work together.  This service is guaranteed.  I want you to be satisfied that our process helped and that you received what you needed.  Call me at 1-877-607-0350. Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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