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Newsletter, June/July 2005

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Newsletter, June-July 2005

Newsletter, June-July 2005

Newsletter June-July 2005

A Time of Change

Blessings to you in this time of great change.  From minute to minute and day to day there is change.  If we hold onto what is familiar, change is difficult.  If we surrender to the flow of the change, we receive gifts along the way of understanding, remembrance, and support.  To let go of that which has seemed solid creates tension between surrender to the highest and best life can offer and the doubt that creeps in.  I once read that change, or transformation as I call it, feels like you are between chairs.  You were in that chair and you are going to that chair.  At this moment you are somewhere in between.  Nothing seems solid.  Nothing seems familiar.  Nothing seems entirely clear.  This is a choice point, a choice between fear and faith.

Fear causes a tightening of the muscles and a narrowing of the vision.  Faith opens the way to possibilities beyond the present comprehension.

From the mandala card deck called Luminaries, I intuitively chose "Awakened" for this newsletter.  Actually, I picked a card twice and "Awakened" came up both times.  Here is a selection of phrases from what I wrote for "Awakened." 

"You are born anew, transformed empowered, and ready to serve in a world that has come of age . . . with clear and unfaltering resolve, accept your unique role in this time and place of new possibilities . . . this is the world awakened to its destiny."

What is your vision of an awakened world?  What is your part in that world?  Have you said, "Yes" to your unique role?  If not, there is no better time than right now!  All it takes is the firm "Yes" even if you are not completely clear what you are saying yes to.  Your "Yes" activates a higher plan that dovetails with others who are also saying "Yes."

Know that "Yes" activates something that has been well thought out.  It will truly be best for you and all others involved.  No one else can say "Yes" to your part of the plan in the same way you can.  Others may slip to take your place in if you say "No" or if you hesitate; but, what might you miss by hesitating instead of leaping in faith?

"Awakened" means you "get it."  You understand there is a plan and you are part of the plan.  "Awakened" means you know you have a choice to make.  "Awakened" means you take responsibility for that choice knowing you are fully supported by the universe once you make the leap.

All of us who have said "Yes," sometimes say "Yes" again and again as the next layer of the plan unfolds inviting us to join the swelling energy and excitement of this time of change.

Most likely there are some challenging times ahead, but we are not alone.  Many here are joining the flow and many in other dimensions are assisting.  What an amazing time this is!

Blessings along the Way,

Arlene Arnold


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"Awakened" is part of the book and card set called Luminaries.  For more information about them, Click Here.

 Copyright Arlene Arnold 2005 (Feel free to send to others when it includes information about where it came from.  Thank you)

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