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Newsletter, May 2005

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Newsletter May 2005 Humility Means Being More, Not Less!


 Do you avoid the very idea of humility because it sounds like you have to give up something or surrender to something?  Does humility sound like something false that people act out instead of live?  This is how I felt for a long time.

 My religious upbringing said that somehow the human part of us needed to be toned down or set aside or controlled.  In my gut, I knew something needed to change, but treating the human part of me like an unwanted child just wasn’t right.

 The dictionary says that “humble” comes from the Latin humilis meaning “on the ground, low” which comes from humus meaning “ground.”  I find it interesting that “hum” is also part of the word “human” although they seem to come from different root words.  Since humble refers to being “on the ground” this might lead one to say “on the earth” or another way of saying “in form.”


 You might want to consider a different way of looking at humility.  We come to live on earth as divine beings living a human life.  That means our core self is divine and our experiencing self is human.  The set up or the way that the earth experiment was designed gives choice to the human self.  (Perhaps the beings that designed this experiment didn’t really understand the implications of giving humans choice.)  What seems to have happened is that the human self became so involved in making choices that it forgot to consult with the divine self.  The more it made choices alone, the more alone it felt.  The more alone it felt, the more it became frightened.  Belief systems developed like, “If I don’t take care of myself, no one will.  Apparently I’m my only support.  Others will try to get what I have, which could mean death for me, so I will hold tight to what I have.”  


All this meant that the human self more and more identified with the earth, not the heavens.  As this human self devised ways to stay safe and ways to accumulate goods and ways to have power over the others that might take his stuff, he thought he was really something.  In order to feel a little safer, he puffed himself up and walked around showing others how powerful he was.  It’s as if he sunk deeper and deeper into the ground.  Without the enlightened guidance of the divine self, his light became dimmer, his vibration became slower, and his ability to remember there was a divine self almost disappeared.


 These puffed up humans began to quarrel with each other.  In order to control them, society and religion said it wasn’t okay to be that way.  Laws were designed to keep these puffed up humans in line.  Religion taught there was an angry God that would get him if he didn’t knuckle under.  Then, these religious leaders themselves became puffed up seeing that they could control others.  In the end it seemed like one more human drama being played out.  Complicated isn’t it?


 So let’s un-complicate it.  Let’s go back to the original design.  If I am a divine being living a human experience, then my main focus needs to be with my divine being.  My human self can still make decisions, but those decisions need to be informed by what my divine self knows.


 What does that mean to your life and my life and the way we live it?  I find that my human self is mostly made up of little kids trying to be grown up and take on grown up responsibilities, like making decisions.  Some of those parts of me have become really skilled at orchestrating life.  Unfortunately, they operate strictly from self-interest and from what they have learned from life experiences.  None of the other cosmic understanding can then come into play.  I have found it necessary to take those kids “off the hook.”  I have told them they have done a good job with the information they had.  It is time for them to have fun and be free.


 There is another part of me that is an observer that makes decisions easily because it isn’t caught up in the drama.  I can turn over the responsibility to this part of me.  This part of me has a direct line to both the human self and the divine self.  As the observer, I shift my focus to the divine self to sense what is up.  When there seems a nudge to action, I communicate that to the human self.  All parts of me look at the consequences of the decisions involved and line that up with what we know from the divine self.  Usually, there’s a pretty clear pattern, but not always.  Sometimes, it’s more a sensing that something bigger is up even if I don’t know what that is.  Acting on the nudges from the divine self even when it doesn’t make complete sense is what I call “faith.”


 Those of you who have followed my newsletter articles have heard about a recent instance when the nudge from divine self whapped me into paying attention.  I had been gone on a long trip to California.  I came back wondering if I had really followed the map from my divine self since I had spent a lot of money and time without seeing what that had to do with my next steps.  My human pattern took over.  I would get busy planning programs and getting things organized so I could create a firm foundation here at home.  I was driving the bus without consulting my divine self.  I had already been given a nudge by getting sick before I even left California.  But, there was stuff to be done, so I would rest a bit and then work for a while.  Hurrying back to the ferry from a dentist appointment, I was planning and planning in my head.  Oops!  Behind me was a cop car with his lights flashing.  Oh no!  I guess I was driving a bit fast in the little town of Steilacoom, but I hadn’t even noticed.  The ticket was a whopping $174.  That was enough to get my attention!  A speeding ticket.  Hmmmm  That must be about going too fast.  But, I had been resting some.  No, my divine self was saying stop!  I knew I better pay attention.  I didn’t want an even clearer message to come to me.  So I stopped.  I lay on the couch for several weeks.  I stopped planning.  I stopped deciding.  I handed over my worry to my divine self and said, “You want me to stop; then you let me know what’s next.”  From that came the idea to do retreats again.  Later this led me to realize the retreats needed to be different from what I had done before.  The design you now see was the result of stopping and listening and co-creating with my friend Peggy.  I don’t see how this design will get me where I think I need to be, but I am willing to move forward knowing there is a plan on the drawing board even if I don’t quite get it.  I take each day more slowly, mindful of listening, asking, sensing, and being present.


 I have learned not to squelch my human self either.  If I do it tends to go underground and come out at inappropriate times.  Instead, I invite it to join me using all its many abilities acquired through living human lives.  Thus the process of experiencing this life becomes a partnership between the human and divine.  That’s what I call “empowerment.”


Empowerment is so much bigger than power.  Empowerment draws in the wisdom of the ages, the assistance of many Divine Beings, and the endurance of knowing this is a group effort not a solo gig.


 From time to time my human self still hooks back into that fear of not being supported and tries to take back the baton so it can orchestrate my life; but that doesn’t last long.  I’m more used to picking up on the signs that show me I’m trying to lead the band or drive the bus alone.  As soon as I tune in to my energy I recognize when I have dimmed my light or pulled in my energy field and become tight with the “work” of making things happen.


 It’s then that I shift my focus.  I invite you to do the same.  Step into the wings of the stage of life or sit in the audience to get a longer view so you can see what is really going on.  Are you driving the bus without a map?  Are you swinging your baton wildly trying to get everyone in line?  If so, imagine you are meeting with your divine self.  Turn the baton over to that part of you.  Ask the divine self for a map and a timetable that will get you where you are going at the exact right time.  Recognize how much more you are when you remember this is a co-created life, not one you are in charge of.  With that understanding, you can feel free to expand your energy, open your knowing, stand tall on the mountain of life, and really see what is what.  You are so much more from there.  Your human self feels so much better about itself when it’s driving the bus with a map and a cell phone that can be used to ask for assistance or suggestions or just about anything that ‘s needed.


 Let’s shift our focus to the bigger picture.  Let’s give our humanness a break.  Let’s find a way to live this life the easy way, in tune with creation’s hum, and enjoying the ride as we really pay attention.  I know it’s possible because I’m actually there some of the time.  You can be too!




Arlene Arnold


If you would like help  experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  We can accomplish a lot in a short time when we work together.  This service is guaranteed.  I want you to be satisfied that our process helped and that you received what you needed.  Call me at 1-877-607-0350. Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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 Copyright Arlene Arnold 2005 (Feel free to send to others when it includes information about where it came from.  Thank you)

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