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Newsletter, March/April 2005

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Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - March 2005

The Vibrational Collective Consciousness

Are you sometimes up and sometimes down; sometimes operating from love and sometimes from fear, anger, and resentment? That’s the human condition! But, not for long!

Humans are in transition, moving from the old octave of experience where one learned about love by experiencing all that was based on fear, to the new octave based on balance.

So how does one learn about love by experiencing all that is not love? Does that seem like double talk? Imagine what it would be like if you lived in a sea of love, acceptance, honoring, and the like; that would be your norm. If someone asked you what love was, you would have no way to describe it because it just was. You had known nothing else.

However, persons who have lost everything, lived on the streets, and have been rejected by family and society know what fear is. These persons know the emotions, the thinking, the sensations, the spiritual separation found in the collective consciousness of fear. If and when they choose to draw in different experiences of valuing themselves, choosing to contribute from an open heart, allowing others to care about them, and so much more, they experience the collective consciousness of love. From their experiences, they can then describe in detail what love is and what fear is and what it creates.

Most of us have not experienced the intensity of living on the streets, but we have certainly experienced both the collective consciousness of fear and of love at different times in our lives. Sometimes it might almost have felt like we had a foot in both places.

Now, many are ready to release the world of duality that fuels the collective consciousness of fear. Through these experiences and their contrast to the wholeness, we have helped to expand what Spirit has experienced and from that, the Divine Mind has grown in its comprehension of what it is to believe we are separate. Pat yourselves on the back. You have been part of that added understanding. After all, you are part of that Oneness of Spirit. You simply agreed to be in a very dense form called human to play your part in exploring new experiences.

The Earth Plan is moving to the next phase. Instead of experiencing fear or love, the Divine Intention is moving our human form into balance—a kind of wholeness that doesn’t forget the experiences of separation, it simply doesn’t live there anymore.

Ready or not, it is time. Those patterns of emotions and thoughts that took us back over and over into a consciousness of fear, victimhood, and powerlessness are no longer able to survive. The collective consciousness of love has raised the bar. Living in the heaviness of old patterns is so chaotic, so crazy-making, so distasteful that we find we can hardly breathe in that atmosphere. Oh, some still believe they must be in control, that if they don’t get it for themselves, they won’t have anything, or that if they don’t live the drama there won’t be any life at all. But, that too will pass in time.

Because you chose to read this article, you are likely one of those who raised your hand and said you would help lead the rest of the pack into this new place of balance. Of course, you have to live there yourself before you are much good at showing the way.

That’s the current challenge! How do I keep myself alert and awake enough to realize what is happening in order to understand how things are changing. Many of us have found it easier to stay that awake when we do it together. We remind each other of what we already know.

Additionally, what has helped me most is to recognize when I have slipped back into that collective consciousness of fear. When nothing seems to be flowing in my life, when I find myself criticizing others in my mind, when I feel irritated and want others to change, when I want to blame someone or something for my discomfort, that’s my signal. Oops! Something triggered an old pattern of fear. Once more I have offered myself the opportunity to stop that pattern. Just as an alcoholic who chooses to be sober says, “At least for this moment, I will not drink; just for today I choose to stay sober,” all of us have to make a choice. Of course, I don’t want to hear that anymore than you do. Sometimes it seems overwhelming to take responsibility for what I allow and what I create. But like the alcoholic, the stakes are too high to do otherwise. Therefore, I choose love!!! I choose to remember that whatever is in my life is part of the reality I am allowing. Something in me chose to draw this into my life. Now, I have to look at and embrace that pattern with acceptance and understanding in order to change it.

Once I admit that I allowed this experience into my life, then, I can also choose to step into a new reality. I choose not to beat up on myself or anyone else emotionally; I recognize there is value in what I experienced no matter how painful it has been; I move into gratitude for the experience; I forgive myself and others for any pain that was caused; and I release the experience into the collective memory of experiences that become part of our expanded life as Spirit. It is done!

I find that releasing what is done creates a lighter more buoyant energy. My heart is lighter; my mind is clearer, and my energy is more abundant. With little effort I now step into the collective consciousness of love. I sense a clapping in the background as the universe acknowledges the energy and commitment it took to choose a different way.

The more often I make these choices, the easier it gets; the more quickly I recognize what is happening. The more I share my experiences with others and they share with me, the better equipped I am to live in this new field of consciousness. A growing passion emerges within me; I definitely want to stay in this new consciousness.

The tools I offer you through Transformational Tools Made Simple are meant to assist you in this process.

  • ColorCards™ help pinpoint those places where old patterns trigger the collective consciousness of fear. They also suggest ways to shift into the collective consciousness of love.
  • The Harmony through Color CD continually brings balance to the body energy field.
  • The 7 week course Called Harmony through Color teaches you to use complementary colors to help identify old patterns, balance energy centers, and practice living in finer vibrations.  Contact me for details on upcoming courses.
  • Luminaries™ depict the bridge to the new consciousness and 12 of them describe what it is to live in the consciousness of love.
  • The Crystal in the Heart CD and the Diamond Grid CD take us into the energies and constructs of this finer consciousness in order to experience and imprint these vibrations into our reality.
  • The retreats and workshops offer in-depth practice in all of the above.  More are coming soon.  Contact me for details.
  • From time to time I add “tools” that others have developed that take us where the divine intention leads us. Watch our store for the newest additions.  Please take advantage of these tools that can point the way.

Bless you as we journey into a new land together. I am always pleased when you share with me your experiences along the way.

Arlene Arnold

Arlene began her work life as a school teacher. Now, as a trained Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator, she continues to teach through personal counseling, classes, workshops, “tools,” and articles for young people and adults of all ages. For ten years she has been sharing her work with those in the Pacific Northwest. She is now expanding her work into other parts of the country. If you would like to set up an opportunity for her to speak in your area, please contact her.

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