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Newsletter, January 2005 Dawning

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Newsletter, January 2005

Newsletter, January 2005

Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - January 2005

(A Vibration of the Number 11)


In this time of Dawning, fogginess and clarity seem to co-exist. How does one put all of what is happening into perspective? At a time when thousands have died from tsunamis and so many more have had their lives shaken to the very roots, I also feel amazing energies flowing in and around me and I am encouraged to find so many people asking deeper questions; asking what their life is about. While I embrace the grief and tears of so many, I still find such peace and joy on this special island where I live.

As a human being the chaos of the world would be overwhelming. As a being living a human life, dawning means honoring the challenge of living in form while centering myself in that which goes beyond form. I am being led to clear away more and more of the fog in order to be fully present, fully involved, and yet fully evolving.

A few days ago I received this message through my journaling: “Practice graciousness and beauty that comes from the soul. Only then can you be perfect in the spirit. Perfect means ‘in alignment,’ not ‘without flaw.’ So, rest in the assurance that you are perfect. Rest in the assurance that you bring great hope to the world as you demonstrate the life of alignment and joy.”

Do I feel that I “demonstrate the life of alignment and joy”? Most of the time. More often than before. I imagine alignment as that light line that runs through the crystal in my heart to crystal in the Central Suns (or the center of God) and from my heart to the center of the earth. (Crystal in the Heart CD).

If I allow worry or fear of any kind to enter my field, I have stepped back—another way of retracting or holding back or holding onto something. I am then no longer in alignment. If I begin orchestrating my future, I have stepped ahead. I am then no longer in alignment. That doesn’t mean I don’t plan, but I am learning to plan while in alignment.

Here is what I received in my journaling today that talks more about alignment: “Yes, staying in alignment is crucial. Only then can you know who you are. Otherwise, the mind/ego wants to control. The more life seems erratic, the more the mind/ego wants to control. The more fear dominates, the more the mind/ego orchestrates. Let the soul orchestrate so that all the musicians can play in harmony. Let the conductor be of the Spirit and Soul so that the music transcends the notes. Frame life so that the musicians are always in alignment with the conductor. Life is not about holding one note or focusing on one series of notes. Mastery is playing your own instrument so well that the music you play together inspires you and those who experience the music. Don’t worry if others are playing dissonant sounds in other orchestras. Focus on your orchestra—those you have agreed to make music with. Sometimes this will be your biological family, but often it will be those who have come into your life synchronistically. Who in your life did you meet through a friend or while buying a book or because you attended a workshop or gathering? You were drawn to those persons immediately—like you were old friends. Ah, but you are old friends. You have come through this world of form to act out the play you have written for each lifetime. How many characters have you played? How many times have you reworked the same theme? So now is the time to finish those themes. You are ready! You have been preparing for this culmination through many lifetimes. What is your next step? How can you turn this final stage into spiritual mastery?”

As we head toward spiritual mastery, staying in alignment is so important. Breathing complementary colors (Harmony through Color CD) is something I use everyday. Catching myself quickly when I am out of alignment is another. Then, I look to see what it was that caused this mis-alignment. Often there is an emotion or old belief pattern that took over. I then dip into my bag of “tools” to find one that can help me shift what no longer fits me.

When I am in alignment, I see all of life from a “God’s eye view.” From that perspective nothing is meaningless. Nothing is wasted. Every experience adds to what humans know even if they are not ready to receive that knowing. From this broader perspective, I see nations helping each other. I see people caring about each other even in the midst of extreme trauma. Yes, I still see war and terror. Perhaps through the extreme experiences humanity will finally say, “I choose Peace.  I choose cooperation!"  That is a choice that is present.

I also see that the time for baby steps is over. The earth and this universe are shifting. Choices are being made NOW! I encourage you to courageously take your next step while staying fully in alignment and playing the most beautiful music with you orchestra. Then, you will know the next step.

I always enjoy receiving your e-mails. Thanks.

Blessings on your journey in the New Year,

Arlene Arnold

(A Vibration of the Number 11)

Something to Consider
Life renews itself from moment to moment. Accept your new growth with faith, even as you push through the fog of uncertainty. Passionately throw open your windows to the dawn! Live fully! Every moment counts!

A Reflection on Dawning
A new day dawns fresh and clear, unfolding from within and without. New growth bursts forth from a radiant crystalline center, birthing a world of new possibilities.

Courageously, join others to clear the fog allowing all to fully embrace this evolving creation.

A Message from Dawning
In a process of trust, cooperation, and resonant honoring of each other, I assist humanity to create through the human heart and the empowered self, using rhythmic wave formations emanating from the earth. I am the power of creation growing, forming and emerging from the earth through humans.

Questions You Might Ask

  • What do I notice that is changing and becoming in the world and me?
  • If I could see through what is unclear, what would be there?

Applying Dawning to Your Life
You are transforming. As you focus on Dawning, feel yourself bursting into full bloom like a flower in spring. Allow your expanding energy to become its full self. Be with this self until it feels comfortable, almost familiar.

Taken from “Luminaries, A Prism of Change through Reflection and Transformational Art.” This book and round mandala card set will challenge old patterns of feeling, thinking, and living. Be prepared for aha’s, change, and exuberant joy as the vibrations stir you, stretch you, and bring you home.
 All rights reserved 2005

Intention for January

I compassionately embrace the fog in my life and rejoice in the clarity that is more and more present.

Use the suggested application for Dawning:

If I could see through what is unclear, what would be there?

Imagine you are lifting the fog or walking through the fog. Sense what is there. E-mail or tell a friend what you experience. Use all your senses: see it, hear it, smell it, taste it feel it, know it. Don’t force what comes. Patiently invite in what is there.

Arlene Arnold

If you would like help  experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  We can accomplish a lot in a short time when we work together.  This service is guaranteed.  I want you to be satisfied that our process helped and that you received what you needed.  Call me at 1-877-607-0350.

If you would like help  experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  We can accomplish a lot in a short time when we work together.  This service is guaranteed.  I want you to be satisfied that our process helped and that you received what you needed.  Call me at 1-877-607-0350.

Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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