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Newsletter, December 2004

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Newsletter, December 2004, Your Reality a Blessing

Newsletter, December 2004, Your Reality a Blessing

Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - December 2004

Making Your Reality a Blessing to You and Others

Here we are near the end of 2004! So much has happened.

You may be feeling very heavy energies with what is transpiring around the world and with so many leaving the planet and experiencing intense situations. Now, more than ever, I find I need to remind myself to see what is happening from a “God’s Eye View.” What I see with my human understanding limits how I perceive and understand these experiences, so I move above it all to see more clearly. From this perspective what is learned becomes part of the color and overall vibration that I am adding to my personal energy field during this lifetime. That doesn’t mean it’s easy; only that it’s important.

More and more I’m practicing the art of sending blessings, offering help as I am prompted, and staying very close to my inner guidance. When my body aches or I’m feeling “down.” I know my vibration has joined the Collective Consciousness of imbalance. Finding the way back above this is the ticket. While working with a friend around this issue, she saw herself boarding the Polar Express, riding it into the clear sky above the Collective Consciousness. From there she could breathe deeply, taking in a changed view of her life and all that seemed so Others

confusing and difficult.

I just returned from a trip to California and back. I met many wonderful person/beings along the way. However, the trip did not turn out to be anything like what I had anticipated. A take-off from something I heard might be, “I plan in great detail while my team on the other side smiles.” While questioning the purpose of this trip, I quickly realized that I had found greater clarity about what my next octave of experience might include. There were energies I was helping to clear, people I was connecting with, and new ideas that were being formed. Would I have taken the trip if I had known what it would be like. I don’t know. Obviously, my team allowed me to set it up in my mind in a way that would take me where I needed to be.

Many I have talked to have been doing intense work on the experiences we are completing. Sometimes this means that relationships change. Sometimes this means moving to a new place. Sometimes this means letting go of what seemed so important only a year ago. Being fluid in the moment takes practice. Talking with others who are going through the same process can also help. At the same time, I find that many are working on the transition to a new octave of experience as well as being guided to live new vibrations of experience.

The “tools” offered through Transformational Tools are meant to assist in this process. Much as you might hear a piano playing notes that center around Middle C, the third dimensional octave of notes of experience are being finished. You may be hearing the final chords with appreciation and some relief. The “ColorCards” are helpful with this process. The new CD called “Harmony through Color” leads you to visualize and breathe complementary colors. This brings balance to all the body fields, allowing wholeness to become the norm.

The art and the prose found in the “Luminaries” may spark remembrance of octaves we have known and experienced before or are waiting to experience. As I encourage a person to breathe in the art he or she has chosen and I read the prose for that art, many times tears glisten in the corners of the person’s eyes. Something has struck a chord within.

Perhaps the “Luminaries” will gift you with such experiences or perhaps you would like to offer them as a gift to others. They can bring healing and hope to many. I am offering them at a special introductory price through this newsletter. I have completely revamped my web site so it is very easy to order on-line. You may also call in an order if you wish. When you go on-line or call in, use the code LUM102004 to make them available to you at $25 (usual price is $29.95). or 1-877-607-0350.

In this newsletter, I am including the Luminary called “Celebration.” It is so appropriate for the season and was inspired by a poinsettia and some other objects during the Christmas season last year. Remember to breath red and green during the season to create balance through your heart and base chakra. Breathe in green to balance the red found at the base of the spine. This helps shift your foundation from survival to love, growth, and integrity. Breathe in red through the heart chakra to balance the green. This offers vitality and passion to what you love and cherish. Wear red and green, eat foods of these colors, paint a picture with these colors, and appreciate them wherever you see them this season. If you feel burned out breathe red and green. If you feel unappreciated, breathe green and red. If you worry there won’t be enough, breathe green and red. If judgment of others or situations arises breathe red and green. Balance! Balance! Balance!

May you feel the balance of love and passion, vitality and integrity leading to harmony throughout your entire energy flow. May you have a joyous and meaningful season with many blessings and great inspiration.

Blessings of the Season,

Arlene Arnold

Celebration (A vibration of the number 16)

Something to Consider
Hear the trumpets declare the wonder of the spheres. Join the chorus in joyous celebration! New life bursts forth as the old transforms. You have done your part.

A Reflection on Celebration
Join the mighty throng of souls welcoming home an anticipated song of joy.
Transformed from seeds of possibility, now radiate your magnificent colors. As a brilliant flower in full bloom, join others to co-create new octaves of experience.

A Message from Celebration
I am joy as the harvest is reaped. I am a heavenly chorus declaring it is time! You have stayed the course. You have persevered through the darkness. You have triumphed beyond all expectations. Sound the gong. Clash the cymbals. Celebrate a job well done.

Questions You Might Ask
How do I express celebration in the midst of seeming chaos?

Applying Celebration to Your Life
Practice faith by celebrating what has been accomplished. See the world in your mind’s eye as beauty, peace, and all the qualities you have longed for, much as a peacock displaying its vibrant feathers. Know that the blueprint has entered the energetic gateway. The physical confirmation will follow. You will see what you have longed for. Visualizing these qualities right now quickly brings them into day-to-day reality.

If you would like help  experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  We can accomplish a lot in a short time when we work together.  This service is guaranteed.  I want you to be satisfied that our process helped and that you received what you needed.  Call me at 1-877-607-0350.

Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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